Best waffle makers in Pakistan that you can buy for your kitchen

10 Best Waffle Makers In Pakistan

If you admire waffle irons and despite your obsession, you can’t find an appropriate waffle maker to buy for your home, this article is just for you. Waffle makers In Pakistan range widely in price. Their worth depends on the material they are made of or the features that they offer. Selection of the right waffle maker for your house might have been difficult before now. But it will surely become easier after you read this article. This device will give you a chance to make your breakfasts fancier, and that too, without spending too much money. Here is a list of the 10 best waffle makers in Pakistan for you to choose from.

1. Westpoint Waffle Maker WF – 8103

best waffle makers in Pakistan

Westpoint, like in the case of all other electrical appliances, will suit your needs perfectly when it comes to waffle makers. The brand ensures reliability and affordability. This product will become your favorite kitchen appliance due to its ease of use and convenience. Make all the waffles that you want, at a very reasonable price.

Price: You can get your WF- 8103 for Rs. 4,186.

  • Nonstick coated cooking plates
  • Thermostat temperature control
  • Power: 1000 W

2. Westpoint Deluxe Waffle Maker WF-8102

Here is another waffle maker from Westpoint that is completely trustable and reliable. Buy this waffle maker at the most reasonable price and add it to your best kitchen gadgets. You can even buy this product online and get it delivered to your house.

Price: The price of Westpoint Deluxe Waffle Maker WF-8102 is Rs. 4,100.

  • Cool-touch handles
  • Power and ready light indicators
  • Adjustable temperature control

Easy cleaning

3. Alpina Sf-2510 Belgian Waffle Maker 1000W

alpina appliances

Another smart choice for a waffle maker in Pakistan is this Alpina Belgian waffle maker. Make the best waffles, in just a matter of minutes. If you are buying kitchen stuff and are looking forward to making a good investment, I suggest you do not miss out on this waffle maker.

Price: Get Alpina Sf-2510 Belgian Waffle Maker 1000W in Rs. 5,449.

  • Power indicator light
  • Stainless steel waffle maker
  • Convenient handle locking system

4. Alpina Sf-2611 Waffle Maker 1000W

Here is another waffle maker from Alpina that can prove to be an appropriate choice for your kitchen. This waffle maker has the best features which include non-stick plates. The non-stick plates in the waffle maker ensure that the texture of your waffles turns out to be perfect.

Price: Get your Alpina Sf-2611 Waffle Maker 1000W in Rs. 4,199.

  • 8 pocket sandwich plate maker
  • Cord storage at the base
  • Indicator light for the ready and warming-up right

5. Sencor SSM-9400SS 3-IN-1 Sandwich / Waffle Maker & Grill

best waffle makers in Pakistan

This 3 in 1 appliance from Sencor can undoubtedly be a smart choice for your home. The exchangeable plates in this device make it appropriate for a variety of different functions. You can easily make 4 triangle sandwiches, grill meat, or bake waffles using this electric appliance.

Price: The price of Sencor SSM-9400SS 3-IN-1 Sandwich / Waffle Maker & Grill is Rs. 7,765.

  • Automatic temperature control
  • Easy to clean baking surfaces
  • Heat insulated handle and body
  • Option to store in a vertical position

6. Anex AG-1039C Sandwich Waffle Maker And Grill


Anex is a widely trusted company in Pakistan when it comes to electrical appliances. With all other home appliances, Anex also offers a good quality waffle maker to its customers. This device also has multiple functions and has different plates that make it convenient and easy to use.

Price: You can get Anex AG-1039C Sandwich Waffle Maker And Grill for Rs. 4,930.

  • Brand Warranty
  • Nonstick coated plates for easy cleaning
  • Indicator lamp for ready sandwiches
  • Power: 230V 50HZ 750W

7. Black & Decker TS2090 3in1 Sandwich, Grill And Waffle Maker

Black & Decker

Black & Decker offers this glorious product that can also perform multiple functions for you. Whether you want to make sandwiches or waffles, this appliance will serve the purpose. Not only is this Black & Decker device extremely reliable and long-lasting, but it is also quite affordable.

Price: The price of Black & Decker TS2090 3in1 Sandwich, Grill, And Waffle Maker is Rs. 7,999.

  • Non-stick surface ideal for fast cleaning.
  • ‘On’ and ‘Ready’ indicators
  • Thermostatic control for even toasting
  • Horizontal divide

8. JVJH Mini Electric Waffles Maker


If you want to buy a waffle maker but at the same time, are not too experienced to buy a professional gadget, this waffle maker will shield you from the crisis. The JVJH Mini Electric Waffle Maker is a small lightweight device that can also be considered travel-friendly. This device will make mini waffles in the shortest time. If you are a newbie in the kitchen, this is a good option for you.

Price: The price of the JVJH Mini Electric Waffles Maker is Rs. 4,750.

  • Mainly made of aluminum alloy, high quality
  • Non-stick coating and a non-stick pan, easy to clean
  • The long handle is easy to grasp and has a heat insulation function
  • Small and compact

9. AUGIENB Waffle Maker


This mini waffle maker can also be a good option for your kitchen due to its durability and affordability. AUGIENB Waffle Maker has many features which make it a perfect fit for your kitchen. The nonstick aluminum waffle irons make it easy to use and easier to clean.

Price:  The Price of AUGIENB Waffle Maker is Rs. 3,637.

  • Anti-Scald Aluminum handle
  • Anti-Overflow to Keep Clean
  • Double side waffle mold

10. Breville Duraceramic Waffle Maker (VST072)

Breville Waffle maker

If you want to make the best quality waffles and have also been saving up, this waffle maker is perfect for you. The Breville Duraceramic Waffle Maker (VST072) will help you to make professional-quality waffles. If you are a fan of waffles, you will not regret spending money on this kitchen appliance.

Price: The price of the Breville Duraceramic Waffle Maker (VST072) is Rs. 15,000.

  • Waffle Rise Clip System
  • Deep fill plates
  • Power and ready-to-cook illuminations
  • Durable ceramic coating

These are the best and the most affordable waffle makers available in Pakistan. Let us know if you found this article helpful.

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