Top 10 BBQ Grills Available Online in Pakistan: Prices and Specs

Top 10 BBQ Grills Available Online in Pakistan: Prices and Specs

There are different types of bbq grills with most falling into one of these three categories; gas-fueled, charcoal, or electric. With more emphasis on charcoal and electric bbq grills, this article is a compilation of 5 Charcoal and 5 Electric bbq grills. The article mentions BBQ grills ranging from as simple as a stainless steel bbq grill to a complex electric contact grill. Moreover, it also outlines the specs and prices of these bbq grills that are available online in Pakistan. We hope that this article helps you in choosing the right kind of grill.

5 Charcoal Based BBQ Grills

1. Stainless Steel BBQ Grill

Daraz is one of the most popular e-commerce and shopping website in Pakistan. This popular store has a wide range of BBQ Grills available. These grills vary in shape and size. Among the many stylish and foldable BBQ Grills, stainless steel bbq grills are highly popular.

The stainless steel bbq grill is available in sizes of 12 inches, 18 inches, and 24 inches. It consists of a charcoal bbq grill, air blower door, and double wood handles. This product is available at a reasonable price and can be delivered all over Pakistan.

Prices in Pakistan: The price of 24 inches Stainless Steel BBQ grill is PKR 1650/-

  • The stainless steel body is of high quality that is durable and reliable.
  • It is comes with a double set tray.
  • This outdoor bbq grill uses charcoal as its source of fuel.
  • The bbq grill is available in different sizes of 12 inches, 18 inches, and 24 inches.

2. Foldable BBQ Grill

Another popular bbq grill available on the Daraz store is the foldable bbq grill. The foldable BBQ Grill is handy, easy to install, and safe. It comes in three different sizes. You can choose the size that suits your needs. This mini, portable bbq grill is ideal for garden, outdoor cooking, and camping.

Prices in Pakistan: Folding BBQ Grills are available for PKR 3000/-.

Small14 inches12 inches12 inches
Medium32 inches12 inches25-27.5 inches
Large32 inches16 inches25-27.5 inches


  • This outdoor bbq grill uses charcoal as its source of fuel.
  • It comes with two racks; charcoal rack and grill rack.
  • It is easy to clean with its removable grill and ash catcher.
  • It has a durable sturdy construction made with a stainless steel material.
  • It is designed with vent holes on each side, ensuring that carbon can be burnt throughly, which is engergy saving and even-heating.
  • It comes with a non-stick bbq grill and some bbq sticks.

3. Portable Foldable BBQ Grill

This portable, foldable bbq grill is ideal for outdoor, camping, or picnics. This product is available on Ali Express, Daraz, and other online stores. The BBQ grill is easy to handle, convenient, and is available at different prices in different stores.

Price: The bbq grill price in Pakistan is PKR 3500/-

  • Made of stainless steel and iron materials, fine processed surface, the carbon BBQ grill has great corrosion resistance and scratch resistance.
  • It is not easily deformed or rusted. It has a long service life.
  • The foldable, portable design along with portable handle makes it easy to carry.

4. Box-Type BBQ Grill

This box-type bbq grill is available on shopperspk and Ali Express. It is portable, foldable, and about 60 cm long. Shopperspk makes sure that all the products are safely delivered across the country.

Price: The price for the box-type BBQ Grill in Pakistan is PKR 4800/-

  • The SOGA BBQ box is made from high-quality steel.
  • The source of fuel is charcoal.
  • The bbq grill comes as an easy to assemble flat pack kit. Ideal for camping or outdoor activities.
  • It has a longer durability due to the steel construction.
  • The dimensions for this charcoal bbq grill box are 60cm x 22cm x 33cm.

5. Portable Stainless Steel Charcoal Grill

bbq grill price in Pakistan

When it comes to bbq grills, Ali Express has a lot of variety. Among the different kinds of grills, this stainless steel charcoal grill is stylish and easy to handle. It comes at a reasonable price of PKR 3500/- and is perfect for patio or outdoor cooking.

Price: The price for a portable stainless steel charcoal grill in Pakistan is PKR 3500/-

  • The stainless steel furnace body is anit-corrosive, durable, and easy to clean.
  • High-quality support, reinforced tripod provides 8 support points, which makes it stronger and more stable.
  • Foldable design, convenient for storage, does not occupy space, is easy to move, and is necessary for travel and outdoors.
  • The stainless steel grilling net is made of stainless steel to ensure safety, hygiene and health.
  • The dimensions are 73cm x 33.5cm x 70cm.

5 Electric Based BBQ Grills

Although charcoal grilling gives an unbeatable grilled flavor, cooking on a charcoal grill can often be a challenge. Therefore some grills operate on gas and electricity. These are easy to use, convenient, and versatile.

1. Sinbo Footed Electric Grill

iShoppng is another online shopping platform that can be considered for BBQ grills. They have grills from local shops to top brands like Sinbo, Black & Decker, Sencor, Breville, Alpina, and Philips. This Sinbo Footed Electric Grill is available at ishopping, an online store.

Price: The Sinbo footed electric grill is available for PKR 7000/-

  • The electric grill uses 2000 Watts power.
  • It is made of a plastic material and consists of 5 heat settings.
  • The cooking surface that is the grill is made of metal.
  • It also comes with a oil drip tray to avoid dripping onto the metal tray.

2. Black & Decker GM 1750 Contact Grill

bbq grill price in Pakistan

You can shop online for this product at

Price: The Price of the GM1750 contact grill is PKR 12000/-

  • The electric bbq grill consists of variable heat/thermostat controls.
  • The non-stick plates are easy to clean after cooking.
  • It comes with adjustable hinge for all thickness of food.
  • The grill has a cooking surface area of 29cm x 32cm.
  • It uses power of 1750 Watts and a voltage of 220-240 V.
  • The contact grill also comes with a cleaning fork and a drip tray.

3. Philips HD6320 E-Grill

bbq grill price in Pakistan

You can shop online for this product at

Price: The price of Philips HD6320 E-Grill in Pakistan is PKR 20,000/-

  • Philips E-grill comes with duo plates; smooth plate and ribbed plate.
  • The smooth surface is ideal for gentle cooking of foods like vegetables and seafood.
  • Ribbed surface, on the other hand, is used for grilling pieces of meat like steak, sausages etc.
  • The non-stick surfaces prevents the excess use of oil while cooking.
  • The e-grill has adjustable thermostat for perfect cooking of foods.
  • The wide temperature ranges from 70 deg C to 230 deg C.
  • The plates are easy to clean as these can be detached from the grill.
  • It uses power of 1500 watts and the dimensions are 420 x 100 x 240mm (W x H x D).

4. Sencor Intelligent Contact Grill

The electric grill by Sencor is an expensive product but it is worth investing in. You can shop this product at

Price: The price of Sencor intelligent contact bbq grill in Pakistan is PKR 28000/-

  • The display shows phase of baking process (Rare, Medium, Well done).
  • It consists of non-stick grill plates.
  • The dimensions of the grill plate are 31 x 25cm (WxD).
  • Easy to clean using only a paper towel and also the plates are detachable.
  • It comes with several built-in programs such as frozen food, chicken, sausage, steak, fish etc.
  • It requires a power input of 2100 Watts.
  • The contact grill also has automatic sensors for thickness measurement and temperature adjustment.

5. Sinbo Electric Contact Grill (SBG 7108)

bbq grills prices in Pakistan

Prices in Pakistan: The electric contract bbq grills by Sinbo is available for PKR 15000/-

  • The electric contact grill comes with an adjustable temperature.
  • The two non-stick grill plates, ribbed and smooth plates, are easy to clean.
  • The grill has 5 heat settings.
  • It also comes with a oil drip tray.

This is our list of top BBQ grills available online in Pakistan along with their prices and specs. We hope that you find this article helpful.

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