Foods to boost immunity and combat seasonal sickness in winter

Foods To Combat Seasonal Sickness & Boost Immunity

The abrupt weather change disrupts the body’s immune system, and this is something that is being commonly observed these days. As the chilly weather sets in, the nutritional needs of the body change along with the physical needs. However, seldom does anybody focus on what is the right diet to consume in winter. The disruption of the body’s immune system makes it vulnerable to different microorganisms which include several bacteria and viruses. There are, however, some foods that can help to boost immunity.

Accompanied by the harsh weather are the seasonal fruits of winter that can be the ultimate solution for the weak immune systems and seasonal sickness. The fruits, especially citrus fruits that are rich in vitamin C, and vitamin D can help to maintain immunity in times like these. The details of some fruits that you should make sure to include in your diet in the winter season are as follows. These foods will surely help to boost immunity and prevent seasonal sickness in children and adults.


foods to boost immunity

The king of all winter fruits, oranges can also be exceptionally beneficial and one of the most amazing foods to boost immunity. This fruit can also be of great help when it comes to preventing sickness. This fruit has lots of vitamin C in store for you that can fulfill all your body requirements in times of need. Oranges can become your go-to snack in winters as they are not only yummy to eat but also super advantageous for your body.



Kiwis are not appreciated enough for the wonders that they can do for your body. This fruit is not only rich in vitamin C, and potassium but also has fair amounts of vitamin E & vitamin K. Consuming kiwis in winter will make sure that you do not catch a cold every time you leave your house. Even when you are suffering from flu, this fruit can help you to recover faster. You can consume this fruit in any way that you like. Add kiwis to your fruit salad or make a kiwi smoothie for yourself. In both ways, the fruit will give you its full benefits.


foods to boost immunity

Pomegranate is a divine fruit, not only known for its legendary origins but also its several associated health benefits. This fruit has a very high content of antioxidants which can be the solution for most of our body problems. Pomegranates not only ensure good body health but also healthy and glowing skin. The fruit, with all its benefits, is abundantly available in winter and you must not miss out on this one. Little did we know that sweet and sour tasting pomegranates also have ample health benefits for us.



Apples actually do keep doctors away and you can test this yourself this winter. The fruit is filled with so many nutrients and it never receives the appreciation that it truly deserves. This fruit is a rich source of vitamin B. Along with that, you will also find an excess amount of antioxidants in apples which can keep all types of diseases afar. Make sure that you are consuming an abundant amount of apples this season if you want to keep cold and flu at a distance. In the current times, apples can be your ultimate savior.



Ending the list with another citrus fruit is just fair. The delicious, juicy, sweet grapefruit is jam-packed with vitamin C. Grapefruit juice, in this season, is recommended by most medical health practitioners and doctors and that’s obviously for a reason. This fruit is not only a great support for your immune system but is also super advantageous for your bones and helps in the healing of injuries. Another very important nutrient found in grapefruits is vitamin A. Vitamin A also has tremendous benefits when it comes to body health. If you want, you can add some sugar to your grapefruit juice, to make it less acidic.

This winter, take care of your health by consuming the fruits listed above. The best method is to plan a diet that contains a fair amount of all these fruits on a daily basis. The shorter days and colder temperatures can become quite more bearable if you take care of your diet. By keeping your immune levels high, you can combat cold and flu with great ease. The fruit consumption will not only help you this season but will also generate long-term benefits for your body!

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