Maintaining a healthy diet while eating at quick-service restaurants

Maintaining A Balanced Diet While Eating At Quick-Service Restaurants

Eating healthy is way easier when you have all your meals at home. On the other hand, making healthy food choices when you seldom eat at home and almost always eat out can be quite a challenge. The ease and convenience that fast food restaurants provide are priceless. This is the reason we always choose this option knowing all the associated health risks. For people who are always on the go, fast food restaurants are just the sole savior. Ever wonder about the cons of eating at these restaurants? The biggest challenge is to keep your health in check. Maintaining a healthy diet while eating at quick-service restaurants is a challenge that I will help you to deal with. There are some tips and tricks that you must keep in mind if you want to ensure that you are maintaining a healthy diet.

Healthy Fast Food For A Healthy Diet

maintaining a healthy diet

Ever came across the term healthy fast food? This term makes us wonder “what exactly is healthy?” The truth is, fast food, in nature, is not healthy but you can always minimize the effects of it by choosing the right options. This does not mean that you can eat all the burgers and pizzas that you want. Maintaining quantity and taking care of the timing are the two most important and the easiest steps that you can start with.

Keep The Calories Under Consideration

balanced diet and fast food

While eating out, we mostly lose track of how much food we are consuming. Usually, the calories that we consume per fast-food meal are about 836. This, of course, can be blamed on the delicious, addictive taste of these foods. However, by eating fast food, without considering the calories, we normally consume more than what is required by our body. One thing that you can do is choose foods that are under 500 calories. In this way, you can enjoy quick, yummy meals without exceeding the number of calories that are required by your body. This has been made easier as many fast-food places have started mentioning the number of calories in each of their food items.

Choose Foods Lower In Fat

maintaining a healthy diet

When eating out, try to go for foods that have the best nutritional content. Try to choose foods that have abundant amounts of proteins and fibers present in them and minimum amounts of fats. This means you should go for burgers without cheese and whole wheat bread when you have an option. Also, consider going for foods that have a low amount of saturated fats present in them. Moreover, go for items composed of trans fats.

Take your Add-Ons With You


If you are conscious about your health, you can pack your add-ons and take them with you. Some healthy add-ons include fruits, nuts, and seeds. These add-ons will supply the required amount of fiber.  As a result, increasing your metabolism rate and making your food easy to digest. These add-ons will not only provide fiber, but also some of the most important vitamins and minerals to your body. Consuming natural ingredients for your body requirements is way better than going for artificial supplements.

Keep In Check The Sodium Intake

no sodium

The diet that we consume at quick-service restaurants is normally loaded with Sodium. Viewing this from a health point of view Sodium is the main cause of many diseases in the human body, including cardiovascular diseases. Even while eating the lowest calories foods at fast-food restaurants, avoiding sodium can be very difficult. You can balance this out by consuming low sodium food before and after your fast-food meals. Balancing the amount of sodium in your meals can prove to be challenging at first but it will become easier with time.

Consider Your Portion Size

portion size

The most important thing to consider while maintaining a healthy diet at quick-service restaurants is to take care of your portions. At most restaurants, the single serving is enough for about 2 or 3 meals a day, so you are the one to decide. Instead of filling yourself up with all the junk at once, eat only what is required by the body at a given time. Avoid choosing value-sized meals because they contain a large portion of the main dish and also the side dishes. One tip to go for the right size is to choose your meal from the children’s menu.

Give More Thought To The Descriptions On Menu

maintaining a healthy diet

By avoiding fried or deep-fried items, you can help your body a great deal. Also, refrain from going for food items that contain calories dense ingredients. This means that you will have to avoid your favorite creamy alfredo pasta for good!

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