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Places to Take Your Family Out for Lunch

There is no better way to improve your relationship with your family than to eat a meal together at least once a day. 60 minutes of togetherness can make all your worries go away.

“The family that eats together thrives together” – Dr. Vanessa Lapointe

I always feel sad when I see someone eating alone at a restaurant. For a person who doesn’t like eating without company, the sight looks daunting. In this article, I have mentioned 3 amazing restaurants where you can eat with your family and have a great time.

1. Asian Wok:

There is no better restaurant for your family other than Asian Wok. It has no comparison whatsoever and you can’t change my mind. Period. Located in Beverly Centre, Islamabad, Asian Wok offers the best Chinese and Thai food in Islamabad. Heads up: Get a reservation because it’s always full.

Complimentary fish crackers, unlimited mint margarita, and green tea makes everything better. And their service is literally superlative. They do their best to accommodate their customers and make sure that they come back again. Even the décor is very subtle and minimal yet very catchy. Asian Wok has never failed to amaze me and I am sure, it will not disappoint you either.

2. Bar B.Q. Tonight:

If my dad has to choose a restaurant he’d go to every day for the rest of his life, it’d be BBQ tonight, for sure. He’ll not even think twice before choosing BBQ tonight. Without any doubt, BBQ tonight serves one of the best BBQ in the town. Just like Asian Wok, it’s always full and chatty. It serves the best traditional dishes in Islamabad and its mutton chops are to die for.

I am not sure if they still serve their famous Thaali anymore but the last I had it, it was literally so delicious that I ending up ordering another one so I could have it later at home too. If you still haven’t been to BBQ tonight, grab your bag, or your wallet, or keys, or just grab your family and go out.

3. Chilman:

I’m not sure if you guys remember Tehzeeb restaurant in F-8 that was shut down a few years ago. Tehzeeb’s owner shifted his restaurant to G-9 and changed its name to Chilman. The menu is so vast that everyone finds something they are craving. Chilman is a bit towards the pricier end but it makes sense because the quality and quantity of the food are beyond amazing. It’s a great place to have lunch with your family and friends.

Even if you want to have a cup of tea, their tea is really nice and has a desi touch to it. The theme of the restaurant is very desi and gives out a traditional look. This restaurant is a subsidiary of Tehzeeb bakers and thus is situated next to it.

Good food and a worthy company can make everything better. Take your family to one of these restaurants and thank me later.

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