Reasons To Eat Chocolate Regularly

Reasons Why You Should Eat A Chocolate Daily

Nobody ever told us that eating chocolate daily is actually healthy for our bodies! It sounds unbelievable but is actually true. The sweet, mushy, treat that we have always been crazy about can actually benefit us in a number of ways. Candy, in general, is considered to be not only unhealthy but also a cause of many diseases. The reality is contrary to that. Research has found that eating the right kind of chocolate in the right amount can have some positive effects. These effects will benefit both, your mind and your body. Chocolate is an instant mood booster however, having chocolate might sometimes be followed by an episode of guilt. We will give you 5 reasons to eat chocolate and remain guilt-free.

1. Chocolate Is Good For Weight Loss

reasons to eat chocolate

Never did we know that weight loss could be one of the reasons to eat chocolate. Well, here’s the logic behind that. A study conducted at the University of Copenhagen found that eating dark chocolate could really reduce the odd hunger cravings. Not only that, but dark chocolate also has the ability to curb spicy, salty, and oily cravings as well. If you are planning to start weight loss, make sure you include some portions of dark chocolate in your everyday diet. It will really give you some surprising results.

2. Chocolate Can Be Stress Relieving

stress relieving

It is a well-known fact that chocolate can instantly improve your mood. Chocolate can do wonders when it comes to busting stress. This palatable treat is a mood lifter and is very effective for reducing stress. Chocolate releases a happy hormone in the brain known as dopamine which is great for anxiety patients. It has been found through research conducted by Swiss scientists that a regular intake of chocolate for two weeks reduced the stress levels in many patients. People struggling with stress and anxiety might not need any more reasons to eat chocolate regularly.

3. Good For Heart Health

reasons to eat chocolate

A piece of chocolate can prove to be very beneficial in improving heart health. Not only that, but it is also good for reducing the risk of stroke or heart disease. A study published in British Medical Journal (BMJ) suggested that consuming some amount of dark chocolate regularly can reduce the risk of heart diseases by one-third. In addition to that, dark chocolate also contains antioxidants. These antioxidants can also benefit the heart and boost overall immunity in the human body.

4. Chocolate Prevents Cancer

chocolate for cancer

Most people will be surprised by this one. Chocolate actually can prevent cancer. That is because chocolate contains cocoa, which is loaded with a compound known as Pentameric Procyanidin or Pentamer. Pentameric Procyanidin has the ability to prevent cancer cells from multiplying and spreading in the body. Research was conducted in 2005 by Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center at Georgetown University. The findings of this research were surely surprising. Proteins that induced cancer growth in the body were effectively repressed by the cocoa present in chocolate. Therefore, eating chocolate daily can keep you safe from cancer.

5. Improves Brain Health

brain health

Lastly, chocolate can also improve your brain health. A small portion of chocolate will improve your memory and keep your brain healthy overall. Consuming cocoa-rich foods will improve blood flow to the brain. Hence, improved blood flow means better brain health. The reason for that is the presence of flavanols in cocoa. Flavanols can improve blood flow for a total of 2 to 3 hours. This will lead to increased alertness and better brain functioning.

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