Seekh Kebab Recipe | How to make Seekh Kebab at Home

Seekh Kebab Recipe | How to make Seekh Kebab at Home


Seekh Kebab, Not Attention


In this article, you will discover:

  • History of kebab
  • Different types of kebabs
  • Calorie Count for seekh kebab
  • Healthiest Kebab option
  • Alternate ways of cooking seekh kebab

History of Kebabs:

If anything is common between Pakistan and India, it’s probably their love for kebabs.

The terminology Seekh “Kebab” or “Kabab” was used several hundred years ago for the first time. It has its history traced back to Asian and African cuisines. The term actually means, “to-roast”. In the modern context, this term means mixing meat patty with desired seasoning and flavor. Throughout history, kebabs have been served with rice and raitas but now this trend has taken a new and exciting turn. In today’s world, people are now having kebabs with loaves of bread and naans expanding their food options. Well, you can’t blame them. Kebabs literally go with everything.

Some books also mention that the dish was originated in Turkey when soldiers used to grill chunks of freshly hunted animals skewed on swords on open-field fires. But then again some references state that the term was first recorded in 1665-75, in Arabic. The terminology meant fried meat and not grilled meat. The actual word was ‘cabob’ (meaning: to burn). Famous thirteen-century Moroccan traveler, Ibn Batuta mentions that kababs were served in royal houses to kings and their families as a symbol of fine-dining. They were also enjoyed by commoners.

If you are a food connoisseur, you probably relish a meal comprising of chicken, mutton, beef, lamb, or fish.  Whatever the kebabs are made of, they are highly valued and enjoyed throughout the world. In the past century, it has reserved its place as a global delicacy.

If you have grown up in Pakistan, you are probably familiar with the tandoori-infused whiff of kababs. The smell is so pungent that you start to salivate, instantly and subconsciously. You can’t complain because its “melt-in-your-mouth” texture can get you hooked real quick.

Different types of Kebabs:

Any kabab that is made on a seekh can qualify as seekh kabab. Every kabab has an exclusive combination of flavor and spice, and is a specialty of some particular region. Some of the famous seekh kababs in Pakistan are:

Shish Kebab:

Shish kebab is the most famous type of kebab and has Turkish origin. In Turkey, it is commonly referred to as Şiş Kebab. It is a very popular meal of grilled and skewered cubes of meat. If you are familiar with the term shashlik (a dish of the Caucasian region), it is very similar to that dish. Usually, it is made of lamb but lately, people have been experimenting with red meat, fish, and poultry. It is a dish that just can’t go wrong. It is simple to make and can easily be altered according to your personal preference.

Reshmi Kebab:

In different regions of Pakistan, reshmi kababs are also commonly referred to as Malai Kebab. In restaurants, these kebabs are usually served as an appetizer before the main course is served. It is a part of Mughalai cuisine. Usually, it is not prepared in houses because of the absence of charcoal. The kebab uses the term malai because its main ingredient is Malai i.e. cream. Malai enhances the texture and richness of the dish and makes reshmi kebabs very creamy and delightful.

Bihari Kebab:

Can you guess what makes Bihari kebabs so special? Hint: Magic in margination. Recipes of kebabs have been changed and altered over time to meet the ever-changing demands of the population.  It has traveled far and wide through times and regions but one thing that has remained constant through this time is people’s love for kebabs. Bihari Kabab is a delicious Barbeque dish prepared with any mincemeat, coriander powder, red pepper, garam masala, onions, yogurt, mustard oil, salt, and papaya.

Other types of kebabs include boti kebab, tikka kebab, kathi kebab, shami kebab, tava kebab, tray kebab, cag kebab, adana kebab, eggplant kebab, kalmi kebab, katoori kebab, stonner kebab, tangri kebab, and many more.

Calorie Count:

Having meat in any form is a healthy food option because it comprises almost 70% protein, 20% fat, and 10% carbohydrates. Kebabs are rich in protein and are a very healthy food option because they replace fats and carbs perfectly, boosting several satiety hormones, reducing the hunger hormone.

Healthiest Kebab Option:

Several health studies indicate that Shish kebab is the healthiest kebab option since it’s a skewer with whole cuts of meat or fish and is usually grilled. Shish kebab with pitta bread and salad is one of the healthiest food options available.

Alternate Ways of Cooking Seekh Kebab:


To achieve the most authentic flavor, it is recommended to grill these seekh kebabs. This can be done over charcoal grill.


Preheat the oven for 5 minutes at 180 C. Afterwards, set the thermostat at 220 C and bake for 20 to 30 minutes. To keep them moist, spread oil with the help of a brush.


This is the most convenient way of making seekh kebabs. Take a medium-sized pan and add 2-3 tbsp. of vegetable oil. When the oil is hot, fry seekh kebabs at a medium flame. Keep turning over so that they are cooked evenly on all sides.


If you ask me, I’d say air-fry everything. It does not take away the essence of food and reduces the calorie count big time. Preheat the air fryer beforehand and then air-fry the seekh kebab at 180 C for 20 minutes. For it to fry evenly, turn sides mid-way.

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