Stir-Fry Veggies are the Best Veggies

Stir-Fry Veggies are the Best Veggies

Disclaimer: If it sounds too good to be real, it might be

Let’s be honest, cooking your dinner at home has many benefits. When you are in your kitchen preparing your meal, you can either pick healthy ingredients and recipes or you can go the usual route and cook your meal the unhealthy way. But while you are at it, why not do it the right way with the right ingredients?

I am certain that we have all heard that fried food has no nutritional value. But, a study carried out in 2015, published in the journal, “Food Chemistry” reveals that frying vegetables in extra virgin oil is healthier as compared to boiling them.

For this particular research, out of many, four vegetables were selected. These vegetables are often a part of the Mediterranean diet, tomatoes, potatoes, pumpkins, and eggplant. These four vegetables were cooked in three different ways; separately. They were either fried in olive oil, boiled in water, or we’re cooked in a combination of both, oil and water.

The research aimed at finding the technique that had the most concentration of phenolic compounds (healthy antioxidants often found in vegetables). It was discovered that out of the three cooking techniques, vegetables that were fried in olive oil had the highest concentration of the phenolic compound. The concentration of the phenolic compound in boiled vegetables was similar to raw vegetables. It means that boiling didn’t increase the number of healthy antioxidants in vegetables.

Cristina Samaniego Sanchez, one of the authors of the study mentions, “We can confirm that frying is the method that produces the greatest associated increases in the phenolic fraction, which means an improvement in the cooking process, although it increases the energy density using the absorbed oil”.  Furthermore, she says, “We must stress that frying and sautéing conserve and enhance the phenolic composition”.

Nutritional science has always advised against fried food items for several decades, claiming that most of the oil used in frying only clogs arteries, raises blood cholesterol, and causes many heart problems. Although new studies reveal that olive oil is better than all other types of oil, it doesn’t change the fact that other oils are extremely unhealthy and have dangerous consequences in the long term.

While it’s important to keep up with all the new health studies and news, it’s not smart to change the dietary habits that are working well for you.

If currently, you prefer steaming your vegetables, then you don’t have a good enough reason to stop doing that. If you don’t prefer frying your veggies, you can always try sautéing them.



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