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The Complete Street 1 Cafe Menu & Review You Are Looking For

Street 1 Café in Islamabad offers a wide menu consisting of all kinds of foods, starting from early morning breakfasts to your midnight sweet tooth cravings. This place has a unique way of catering to you with its finest food items. The Steet 1 Café menu includes everything from drool-worthy appetizers, to steaming hot soups, chicken, beef, and seafood. In addition to all this, the breakfast menu at this place will take your breath away. You can start your mornings with the most delicious omelets, pancakes, and waffles. Even when you’re craving a desi breakfast, Street 1 Café can be your savior.

Street 1 Café menu

Located in Kohsar Market Islamabad, Street 1 Café is a favorite for the locals due to many reasons. The café offers both, indoor and outdoor seating and it will be hard for you to decide which one you like more. The color filled; relaxing ambiance of this place will make sure that you have a lifetime experience. The food at Street 1 Café is not only well prepared but is also well served which will increase your appetite at the spot. This place is among the most recommended eateries in Islamabad and it’s not hard to understand why.

Ambiance Street 1 Café

The detailed menu of Street 1 Café is as follows and it is surely hard to resist!

Table Of Contents









Panini & Sandwiches.

Desserts & Cakes.

Hi Tea Menu: Three-Tiered Server.

Breakfast Menu.


Breakfast Specialties.

Pancakes, Waffles, & French Toast.

Pakistani Breakfast Classics.



Tom Yum Goong695/-
Cream Of Mushroom Soup645/-
Roasted Tomato Soup595/-
Country Garden Soup595/-


New-Beef Tataki795/-
New-Tacos895/- & 995/-
Buratta Skillet (for two)995/-
Buratta Crostini695/-
Dynamite Prawns895/-
Monti Fire Wings Bone/Boneless (St. 1 Specialty)695/-
Buffalo Wings Bone/Boneless (St. 1 Specialty)695/-
Crunchy Fish or Chicken Gujons695/-
Stuffed Chicken Strips795/-
Supreme St. 1 Nachos695/-
Warm Avocado & Shrimp995/-


New-Buratta Beetroot79/-
New-Street 1 Special795/-
Cranberry Pecan Salad795/-
Chicken Caesar Salad795/-
Spicy Thai Salad795/-
New-Summer Special795/-


New-Lemon Butter Shrimp Linguine1495/-
New-Khao Suey1195/-
Chicken Mushroom Cannelloni1195/-
St. 1 Home-Style Pasta895/-
St. 1 Lasagna Chicken1195/-
Cajun Pesto Penne1195/-


Artichoke Pesto Chicken1295/-
Chicken Kiev1295/-
Thai Basil Chicken1295/-
Tarragon Mushroom Chicken1195/-
Italian Chicken1195/-
Thai Chicken Red Curry1195/-
Chicken With Cashew Nuts1195/-
St. 1 Chicken1195/-
Chicken Chili Dry1195/-
Cajun Stuffed Chicken1295/-


New-Steak Tips1295/-
Mongolian Beef1295/-
Authentic Tenderloin Steak1295/-
French Onion Steak1295/-
Beef Chili Dry1295/-
Thai Style Oyster Beef1295/-
New-T Bone Steak1495/-
Lamb Chops1695/-
Lamb Shank1795/-


Grilled Tandoori Fish1395/-
St. 1 Fish & Chips1395/-
Lemon Caper Fish1695/-
Ginger Soy Fish1595/-
New-Red Snapper1495/-
Grilled Honey Mustard SalmonSold By Weight (per gram 12)


New-Pulled Beef Slider Set Of Three1150/-
St. 1 Special Burger1150/-
Mushroom & Swiss1100/-
Jalapeno Chicken Burger1100/-
Southern Home-Style Chicken Fillet925/-
Chicken Crunch895/-

Panini & Sandwiches

Panini & SandwichesPrice
New-Roast Pulled Beef Sandwich1150/-
New-Grilled Chicken Pesto Panini995/-
Brisket Beef Panini995/-
Smoked Chicken Panini895
Chicken Jalapeno Panini795/-
BBQ Chicken Panini795/-

Desserts & Cakes

Desserts & CakesPrice
New-Lotus Pull Me895/-
New-Tres Leches Cake695/-
Hit Me Skillet Cake1095/-
Baked PHILLY Cheesecake795/-
Crème Brulé695/-
Waffles With Chocolate Or Caramel Sauce795/-
Chocolate Brownie With Ice Cream695/-
Belgian Chocolate Lava Gateau795/-
Crunchy Crusted Banana Bread Pudding695/-
New-Lotus Cheesecake895/-
St. 1 Cakes595/-

Hi Tea Menu: Three-Tiered Server

Rs. 1695 (for two)

Honey Glazed Chicken Skewer
Pesto Smoked Chicken Sandwich
Chicken Mushroom Crepe
Buffalo Wings
Fish Finger
Channa Chaat
Coconut Pastries
Cranberry & Walnut Tart
Lotus Cheesecake
Tea Or Coffee For Two Included

Breakfast Menu


Cajun Omelets695/-
Mushroom, Olive, & Cheddar Cheese Omelets695/-
New-Philly Steak Cheese Omelet995/-
Omelet Pocket With Salsa Nachos595/-
St. 1 Scrambled Eggs695/-
Eggs: My Style695/-

Breakfast Specialties

St. 1 Breakfast SpecialtiesPrice
New-Beet Root Avocado Benedict895/-
Smoked Salmon Bagel995/-
Brisket Beef Benedict895/-
Stuffed Steak Benedict995/-
Granola Yoghurt Cup595/-
St. 1’s Classic Eggs Benedict895/-
New-Steak Tips & Eggs1095/-
St. 1 Dietary Breakfast Platter895/-
Chicken Mushroom Stuffed Crème795/-

Pancakes, Waffles, & French Toast

Pancakes, Waffles, & French ToastPrice
Belgian Waffles With Chocolate Or Caramel Sauce795/-
Cinnamon Roll Pancakes795/-
St.1 Butter Pancakes695/-
Chocolate Pancakes695/-
Nutella French Toasts795/-
Stuffed French Toasts795/-

Pakistani Breakfast Classics

New-Keto Platter995/-
Anda Chana Paratha795/-
St. 1 Traditional Nihari995/-
St. 1 Halwa Puri795/-


Butter Croissants195/-
Baked Beans150/-
Café Menu

Who Owns Street 1 Cafe

Samreen Bhatty & Ahsan Bhatty are the proud owners of Street 1 Café located in Kohsar Market Islamabad. The café was designed to treat youngsters with all the best food items and that too, under one roof.

What Is Street 1 Cafe Famous For

Street 1 Café has a spectacular menu and is particularly famous for its Italian Chicken that the customers don’t seem to get enough of. The golden chicken topped with marinara sauce and served with pasta is something that you will never regret spending money on.

Does Street 1 Cafe Deliver

Street 1 Café offers home delivery in most areas of Islamabad. So, you can enjoy the best-tasting food without leaving your couch. For placing your order or getting any other information regarding the restaurant, you can dial the following number.

Street 1 Café F-6/3, Islamabad Number: 051 2823431

How Many Outlets Does Street 1 Cafe Have

Street 1 Café has only one outlet, located in Islamabad. The complete address of the café is as follows.

Street 1 Café F-6/3, Islamabad Address: Street 10, F-6/3, Islamabad.

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