Tuscany Courtyard menu and review that you are looking for

The Complete Tuscany Courtyard Menu & Review You Are Looking For

Looking for a classic eating experience? Give Tuscany Courtyard a try. This Italian Restaurant will give you an out-of-the-world experience which you will remember for quite a long time. The food that you’ll eat at this place will always be freshly prepared and the serving style will be as magical as the taste. Whether you are craving the most delightful pizza or a heavenly molten lava cake, the Tuscany Courtyard menu has got you covered in the most sophisticated way. The pasta and chicken dishes are made to perfection and are sure to give you a unique experience. Tuscany Courtyard will definitely give you good value for money. The menu at Tuscany Courtyard offers appetizers, salads, desserts, and drinks that are sure to blow your mind.


The restaurant offers both, indoor and outdoor seating arrangements and you can choose between the two according to your personal preference and choice. Tuscany Courtyard, along with its menu is also known to always keep comfort first and that is the reason that you’ll love the place even before tasting the food. The dim gold lights and the wooden interior give this place a character of its own. In addition to the indoor setting, the warm and cozy outdoor setting will also make sure that you have the time of your life. Tuscany Courtyard, in addition to Kohsar Market Islamabad, also has other branches in Bahria Town Rawalpindi & Gulberg 3, Lahore.

Tuscany Courtyard menu

Here is the detail of the Tuscany Courtyard menu which will tempt you enough to visit the nearest outlet right now.

Table Of Contents


Soups & Salads.

Thin Crust Pizzas & Flat Bread.

Extra Toppings.




Sandwiches & Burgers.


Chicken Entrees.





Chili Garlic Prawns1095/-
Calamari Fritte 895/- 
Chicken Strips With French Fries795/-
Sauteed Mushrooms695/-
Chicken & Veggie Tempura845/-
Buffalo Wings775/-
Two Tomato Bruschetta725/-
Seafood Tempura Platter2495/-
Wasabi Prawns1175/-
Dynamite Prawns1175/-

Soups & Salads

Soups & SaladsPrice
Roasted Garlic Tomato Soup545/-
Wild Mushroom Soup645/-
Mulligatawny Soup545/-
Fiery Szechuan Soup645/-
Seafood Chowder745/-
Cream Of Chicken & Almond595/-
Clear Chicken & Vegetable Broth545/-
Grilled Chicken & Caesar Salad895/-
Tuscan Salad (Chicken Or Calamari)845/- & 1045/-
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad845/-
Gardener’s Salad775/-

Thin Crust Pizzas & Flat Breads

Thin Crust Pizzas & Flat BreadPrice
Pepperoni Pizza945/-
Gardener’s Pizza895/-
Tuscany Special Pizza1095/-
Pollo Jalapeno945/-
California Chicken895/-
Three Cheese Bianca895/-
Barbeque Chicken895/-
The Everything Flatbread945/-
Chipotle Southwest Chicken945/-

Extra Toppings

Extra ToppingsPrice


Chicken Delicato Panini945/-
Buffalo Chicken Panini945/-
Southwest Steak & Cheese Panini975/-
Tuscany Chicken Panini995/-
Parmesan Chicken Panini945/-
Mediterranean Veggie Panini795/-


Spicy Fettucine1195/-
Spicy Prawn Fettucine1495/-
Penna Arabiata1095/-
Fettuccine Alfredo1195/-
Mushroom n Cheese Ravioli1495/-
Penna Mozzarella995/-
Garlic & Mushroom Penne w. Parmesan Crusted Chicken1045/-
Pesto Penne Pasta w. Grilled Chicken1195/-


Pepper Steak1345/-
Jalapeno Steak1345/-
Wild Shitake Mushroom Steak1445/-
Lamb Chops1995/-
Bearnaise Steak1445/-
Whiskey River Steak1345/-
Chateaubriand Steak1395/-
Beef Stroganoff1345/-

Sandwiches & Burgers

Sandwiches & BurgersPrice
Bleu Cheese Burger995/-
Crispy Fish Burger1095/-
Flame Grilled Jalapeno Burger925/-
Fiery Burger945/-
Mushroom Melt Burger995/-
Cheese Burger925/-
Tuscany’s Club Sandwich945/-


Chicken In Oyster Sauce1195/-
Chicken Cashewnut1345/-
Chicken Nine Leaves1275/-
Vietnamese Beef (with garlic rice)1425/-
Mongolian Beef (with garlic rice)1425/-
Thai Fiery Chicken1245/-
Szechuan Prawns1545/-
Thai Chicken Chili Dry1245/-
Thai Basil Chicken1345/-
Beef Chili Dry1425/-

Chicken Entrees

Chicken EntreesPrice
Chicken Cordon Bleu1345/-
Chicken w. Jalapeno Cheese Sauce1325/-
Chicken & Mushroom w. Tarragon Sauce1325/-
Caspian Chicken1325/-
Chicken Teriyaki1275/-
Pollo Tuscan1395/-
Grilled Chicken In Lemon Butter Sauce1345/-
Grilled Chicken In Sambal Sauce1295/-
Chicken Lasagna Marinara1295/-
Parmesan Crusted Stuffed Chicken1395/-
Italian Layered Chicken1245/-
Chicken Scampi1195/-
Chicken Parmigiana1345/-
Extra ToppingsPrice


Tuscany Fish & Chips1445/-
Sole Mediterranean1495/-
Oven-baked Sole1495/-
Red Snapper w. Asparagus1545/-
Tamarind Fish1245/-
Grilled Jumbo Prawns2095/-
Grilled Sole w. Lemon & Herb Sauce1545/-
Crispy Chili Garlic Fish1295/-
Crispy Fried Fish w. Jalapeno Sauce1245/-
Prawns Gratin1545/-
Grilled Trout (seasonal)1895/-
Herb Crusted Red Snapper1645/-
Prawns In Garlic Sauce1445/-


Oven-baked Bread Pudding w. Ice Cream895/-
Apple Pie w. Ice Cream745/-
Molten Lava Cake w. Ice Cream795/-
Walnut Pie w. Ice Cream745/-
Fudge Brownie w. Ice Cream695/-
Chocolate Indulgence745/-
Nutella Pizza745/-
Chocolate Fudge Brownie Skillet1045/-
Cheesecake Slice645/-
Lotus Cheesecake Slice795/-
Tres Leches (3 Milk Cake) Slice795/-
Ask For Today’s Special895/-


Tuscany’s Mint Margarita425/-
Pina Colada475/-
Coconut Coffee Crunch445/-
Fresh Juice555/-
Cold Coffee425/-
Soft Drinks185/-
Regular Can/ Diet Can185/235/-
Strawberry Smoothie445/-
Wild Berry Smoothie475/-
Tuscany’s Mojito445/-
Fresh Lime195/-
Mineral Water (S/L)95/225/-
Sparkling Water285/-
Espresso (S/D)255/395/-
Black Tea295/-
Green Tea295/-
Peach Iced Tea425/-
Blueberry Margarita425/-
Strawberry Margarita425/-
Tuscany Courtyard menu

Who Owns Tuscany Courtyard

The owners of Tuscany Courtyard are Khurram Khan, Sikandar Bakhtiar, and Aamir Rashid. The inspiration of the owners was the freshly baked Italian delicacies that they came across in a small Italian village. The owners have been successful in giving the true Italian taste to the customers.

What Is Tuscany Courtyard Famous For

People are head over heels for the Tuscany Courtyard desserts. The molten lava cake and the tres leches (3 milk cake) hold the throne in the restaurant’s menu.

Does Tuscany Courtyard Deliver

The Tuscany Courtyard located in Islamabad Kohsar Market does deliver to some areas. However, there are only dine-in and takeaway options at Tuscany Courtyard Rawalpindi as well as Tuscany Courtyard Lahore.

To get any other information, you can call the following numbers.

Tuscany Courtyard Kohsar Market, Islamabad Number: 051 8445544
Tuscany Courtyard Bahria Town, Rawalpindi Number: 051 8440666
Tuscany Courtyard Gulberg, Lahore Number: 042 35758515

How Many Outlets Does Tuscany Courtyard Have

Tuscany Courtyard has a total of 3 outlets. One is located in Islamabad, one in Rawalpindi, and another one in Lahore. The complete addresses of each branch are as follows.

Tuscany Courtyard Kohsar Market, Islamabad Address: No. 4, Kohsar market، Street 10, Islamabad.
Tuscany Courtyard Bahria Town, Rawalpindi Address: Bahria Food St, Bahria Intellectual Village, Bahria Town, Rawalpindi.
Tuscany Courtyard Gulberg, Lahore Address: 16, 1 MM Alam Rd, Block C1, Gulberg III, Lahore.

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