5 Outfits to Wear With Bomber Jackets This Winter | Bomber Jacket Styles

bomber jacket style

Bomber jackets are versatile garments that provide warmth, comfort, and style. Bomber jacket Pakistan brands’ sell a huge variety, but if you don’t know how to style a bomber jacket this winter, it would be a great waste of money. First, learn about different bomber jacket styles.

Bomber jackets are worn by both Men and women. Separate bomber jackets for women brands are limited because they are unisex, and they can also wear men’s bomber jacket outfits. So the bomber jacket outfit explained in this article can be worn by both.

What is a Bomber Jacket?

Bomber jackets are a type of outerwear originally designed for pilots on military aircraft during World War II. You may have also observed that the bomber jacket style’s best with uniforms. Bomber jackets were created to be warm and functional, allowing for easy movement while maintaining insulation at high altitudes. Bomber jackets were first made from leather and fur lined.

Such bomber jackets made of nylon and suede eventually became a part of popular culture. Bomber jacket Pakistan brands sell many styles and materials, including silk, suede, and nylon. They can be tailored to different aesthetic and practical needs.

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Five Ways to Wear a Bomber Jacket

Five ways to wear a bomber jacket

A classic bomber jacket style with many different outfits. These are many mens bomber jacket outfits and also work fine for women as well. Read the list to learn what to wear with a bomber jacket:

  1. Wear a bomber jacket casually. A simple brown suede bomber jacket is great with jeans, casual shoes, or sneakers. A hoodie can also be added underneath to add warmth and style in winter.
  2. Bomber jackets are retro because of their original purpose as clothing for wartime pilots. These jackets from the past are made of sturdy, water-resistant leather or nylon and have soft, warm, wool-blend or wool sherpa collars. Bomber jacket styles best with a knit sweater or collared shirt. These jackets look great with dark jeans or corduroy.
  3. The varsity jacket or the letterman jacket is a popular version of the bomber jacket. It features letters or other insignia. This jacket is mid-century sportswear or academic. The jacket looks fabulous with a blazer, chinos, and tennis shoes. A sporty bomber jacket with joggers is another option.
  4. If you are struggling with what to wear with a bomber jacket in winter, you should know that it is also great for pairing with a minimalist style. In classic mens bomber jacket outfits, wear a bomber jacket with a white T-shirt, slim-fit trousers, and slip-on sneakers. You can pair the jacket with a solid-colored turtleneck, khakis, and white sneakers to make a statement.
  5. You can wear it at work. Black leather and jeans are classic choices. However, if you go to work, you can wear a more formal look by pairing chinos with a pair. Wear darker-colored chinos. A lighter khaki will clash with a darker jacket. A good bomber jacket styles great with a collared shirt. You can wear your business casual day to night and add your jacket at night to make you look professional and ready for happy hour.

Three Tips to Wear a Bomber Jacket

Three Tips to Wear a Bomber Jacket

Consider where and how you will wear your bomber jacket when buying a jacket.

  1. A jacket liner is a good option. Many of the most stylish bomber jackets have a removable liner that you can wear alone. Also, they can be a brighter shade and often have some warmth protection. This adds value and versatility to one purchase.
  2. Coordinate colors. Good color coordination is important for bomber jacket styles. In mens bomber jacket outfits, the black jacket looks great with dark or light khakis and denim. A green bomber jacket is a great choice if you are looking for color but still want something classic. It will go well with blue jeans and boots made of leather.
  3. A bomber jacket is best for Pakistan winter weather. While some nylon bomber jackets come with insulation and a knitted collar for warmth, leather bomber jackets are more resistant to cold and can be used as winter coats. To withstand moisture, some jackets contain cotton, linen, or synthetic blends. The lines of lightweight bomber jackets are the same as those in more traditional bomber jackets, but they are thinner and more flexible. The bomber jacket style allows for more outfit options.


Check out the article to learn about different bomber jacket styles. After reading this, you will know how to style a bomber jacket with various outfits. Bomber Jacket price in Pakistan ranges from Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 20,000, depending on the brand.