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How to Get Nadra Arms License Registration

Nadra Arms License

With the target to digitize everything in Pakistan, the federal and provincial governments have collaborated with the National Database and Registration Authority NADRA to computerize arms licenses. Most certainly, Nadra’s arms license system is a considerable improvement from the old system. Now the governments will have access to information on every weapon in the country at a few clicks away. It will speed up the process and eventually reduce the number of illegal weapons in Pakistan.

According to the law, possessing an illegal weapon can result in at least 7 years of imprisonment. If you own any firearm, it would be wise to register it with the government to avoid punishment. For the Nadra gun license, you must visit arms registration centers with the required documents. The article contains the complete procedure, including what documents you need and also the Nadra arms license fee to get your weapon license. Read it very carefully to get your license registration.

The process to Get Nadra Weapon License:

Every weapon used within Pakistan’s territorial boundaries, whether for protection, hunting, or for whatever reason, should be registered with the government. In Pakistan, licensing for arms comes in two different varieties. The prohibited bore license is used for a fully automatic weapon, and the non-prohibited bore license is for semi-automatic guns and every other firearm.

In the process of getting your Nadra weapon license, you will compile a few documents and submit them with the application. Below is the step-by-step guide you need to follow if you want to get Nadra’s License Renewal to the computerized arm license.

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What are the required Documents For Nadra Arms License Applications?

Here is the list of the important document that Nadra ask you to submit along with the application for the firearm license:

  • Weapon license Application Form
  • Copy of ID/CNIC Card
  • Two Fresh passport-size photographs
  • Attach a copy of the NTN Certificate (Only for TaxPayers)
  • Certificate of Profession/Services
  • Keep your original CNIC Card With You.

In Case of Renewal

  • Application
  • Copy of old Arm License
  • Copy of CNIC

For Companies Arm Licenses

  • Prepare separate applications for each weapon.
  • Attach the CNIC photocopies of the company’s CEO and contact person.
  • Paste one logo of the company on the Form and one logo attached to it.
  • Incorporation certificate by SECP
  • Form-29 duly certified by SECP

Step By Step Guide:

So, Once you have prepared the application, it’s time to go out and finish this Nadra arms liens process. Down below is the guide you need to follow to get your weapon registered or apply for Nadra license renewal with a smart card:

Step 1:

In the first step, you must get the license application form. Although you can get the Nadra arms license application form downloaded online, you can visit the Deputy Commissioner’s Office Or Interior Ministry to get the form.

After getting the application, fill in all the information asked on the form. Additionally, Make sure you don’t miss any required information. Read the section of required documents properly. Although the list given above is up to date, the ministry of the interior may change it at the last moment. So, it is wise to be proactive while filling out such applications rather than regretting it later on when you have to go through the whole process again.

Step 2:

In the second step, you will submit the application for an arms license. After filling out the form, attach the required documents and tickets equivalent to PKR 2000. Additionally, it is advised to ask the receptionist or any related officer for any requirements needed to apply for the license.

During this process, the applicant’s presence is necessary because when you give your application to the officer, he will ask you to scan your fingerprints.

Step 3:

When you submit your application to the Deputy Commissioner or Interior Ministry, it will issue an approval. After that, you have to take it to the next step, where you visit the Data Accusation Unit of Nadra for license issuance.

Once you reach the DAU, you will take the token and sit in the waiting area. On your turn, submit a few more documents and the fees that depend on the license you are applying for your firearm.

Documents Required Nadra DAU’s Application:

  • Copy of ID/CNIC Card
  • Approval from DC or Interior Ministry
  • FingerPrints
  • Attach the CNIC photocopies of the company’s CEO and contact person.
  • Paste one logo of the company on the Form and one logo attached to it.
  • Two Fresh passport-size photographs

Nadra Arms License fee 2022:

  • Non-prohibited bore License: PKR 6500
  • Prohibited bore License: PKR 10500

Step 4:

Finally, after you submit the documents and fee to the DAU’s data entry operator, you will get a form you need to take to the assistant manager for approval. After getting the Assistant manager’s stamp and signature, submit it to the counter.

The officer will hand over a slip that will be used to receive your license when it is ready. Afterward, the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) will send you a text message on the mobile phone number that you gave in the application.

You can pick up your license from the NADRA branch where you submitted your application. Do not forget to take your Original ID card and the slip from DAU.

Final Thoughts

At last, the article provides a brief guide on how to get your Nadra arms License registration. Also, you can visit Nadra or the Ministry of Interior Site if you need more information. Moreover, feel free to ask anything in the comments section.