How to Give Yourself the Perfect Manicure at Home

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Whether you’re bored, in a peppy mood to try something cool, too lazy to go to the salon yourself, or just trying to save some cash, there’s never a better time to learn how to give yourself an impeccable manicure at home. You’re bound to derive great satisfaction by painting your own nails, accompanied by some therapeutic benefits. Play your favorite music, turn on the air-conditioner, and light a few scented candles before you get to work. You’ll need ample patience, a little practice, and the right tools to take you far. Learn how to give yourself a perfect manicure at home:

  • Clean your nails

For the perfect manicure at home, follow each and every step the glamorous pros do by spending as much time on nail care as on polishing them. Start with a reliable nail polish remover which won’t leave your nails yellow. Rub it all over your nails to completely wipe any traces of enamel. The remover should strengthen your nails, moisturize your cuticles, rid you of any glitter and oil from the enamel and clear all the dirt. Don’t forget to wash your hands with a marvellous hand wash afterwards.

  • Cut, file and buff

Grab your favorite manicure tools and sit down comfortably. Cut your nails carefully first, then file them gently. Move in one direction to make your nail tips square, round, or pointed. Finally, buff the tops and sides of your nails lightly with a nail buffer to create a smooth surface. Buffing your nails makes them look more youthful.

  • Remove your cuticles

Work on your cuticles with a cuticle remover to get rid of the dead skin and soften the area. Then push your nails back gently with a cuticle stick to clean underneath your nail tips. Your cuticles protect your nails from bacteria and keep them soft, so avoid cutting them.

  • Exfoliate your hands

Exfoliate your hands, wrists, and forearms with a gentle scrub that eliminates dead skin cells and restocks moisture. Grab your cuticle stick again to softly clean any grime from under your nails. Wash your hands thoroughly and dry them.

  • Moisturize your hands

Moisturize your hands at this stage to avoid smudging your nail polish later. A fragrant, creamy moisturizer for hands and nails would suit you best. Take the opportunity to give yourself a mini hand massage. To finish, swipe each nail with a nail polish remover to get rid of residue.

  • Apply a base coat

To prevent the chipping of your nails and to hydrate them, apply a base coat. Let them dry. Then apply a second base coat for perfection.

  • Apply a color coat

Let the fun begin! Start painting your nails with a shiny coat of your favorite color. Make sure you cover the cuticles and the corners of your nails. Keep the coating thin because there’s a second coat on the way.

  • Apply a second coat

After two minutes, paint the second coat of nail polish. If you’re using pastel shades, a third coat might be required. Just make sure none of the coats are thick.

  • Finish with a top-coat

The top-coat protects your manicure from chipping and adds shine to your nails. Be super careful when you put your top-coat on because a messy application can ruin your entire effort.

  • Let your nails dry

Be patient while your nails dry fully. Tidy up any messes if there are any. Now go and call all your friends over for coffee to show-off your gorgeous manicure! Good luck!

This is how you can very easily give yourself a great manicure at home. If you’re interested in a pedicure at home, follow this.

Written by Amna Hamid

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