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J. Sales | Business And Financial Activity 2020 – What You Need To Know

Since the previous financial year pertaining to Pakistan’s fledgling business blowbacks, J. has managed to keep up with its standards of a top-of-the-line product range and customer satisfaction.

With the business model spanning across multiple international borders, the Junaid Jamshed product range has seamlessly established itself as an economical alternative to expensive brands in Pakistan.


Let’s take a look at what to expect from J. in 2020.

J. Sale

With a total of 118 stores currently operational this year (2020),the public is expecting numerous announcements in the shape of mega-discount deals for the upcoming summer season. Prior to popular belief that J. is a unisex brand for cultural clothing, the company has tremendously accessorized its inventory with Fragrance, Make-up and Skincare catalogues.

J. Sales

This year, since the season is at its natural end, J. has announced a flash sale on winter goods and revealed contrasting deals for the up and coming summer collection. Still want to know how to find the best sale? Read this article.

The New Arrivals Section has revealed an updated product list for the next three quarters of the current financial year. Here they are:

All New Arrivals


  • Summer Collection ’20 Vol-II
  • Women Unstitched
  • Women Kurti
  • Teen Girls
  • Kid Girls


  • Women – Spring Summer ’20
  • Bahareh Collection
  • Pinar Collection
  • Unstitched Collection
  • Stitched Collection
  • Kurti Collection
  • Footwear Collection


  • Men – Spring Summer ’20
  • Ta’assur
  • Kameez Shalwar
  • Kurta
  • Waistcoat
  • Unstitched
  • Footwear


  • Girls – Spring Summer ’20
  • Teen Girls
  • Kid Girls


Boys – Spring Summer ’20

Teen Boys

Kid Boys


In the space of the next few weeks – and probably months – J. will announce a set of premium discount packages – especially for the regular customer-base – in accordance with the following holiday schedule for the year. Keep an eye out on the following days for a J. Sales.

The nearest sale announcement revolves around 23rd March 2020. If you’re interested, watch this space for relevant updates! We will keep you updated on any J. Sales.


In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, J. reserves the right to deliver your purchased goods to your doorstep. So, if going to outlets feels a bit of a hassle, visit their online store and buy to your heart’s content!

Written by Ahsan Gardezi