What to Do to Resolve iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo?

The iPhone brand is known for its security and great useability and is a favorite device among smartphone users. Its operating system, while secure and efficient, has many hidden problems. iPhone stuck on Apple logo is a problem you can face when using an iPhone.

If it happens to you, don’t panic, as many solutions are available to resolve this problem. Today we will introduce a great iOS system recovery tool called Dr.Fone – System Repair (iOS).

Part 1: Understanding the Error: Defining the Causes of iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

Do you want to know why iPhone gets stuck on the Apple logo occurs in our normal usage? It is an error where the screen becomes unresponsive, and all you can see is the Apple logo on the screen.

The reason behind it could be that you were updating your iPhone’s iOS version to a newer one, and it failed or got stuck in the middle. When booting your iPhone, it won’t go past the Apple logo.

If you have restored iTunes or iCloud corrupted data to your iPhone by chance, the issue of the iPhone stuck on the Apple logo can occur. It can also happen if you have transferred data from an old device to a newer one or tried to jailbreak your iPhone for some reason.

There is also the possibility that something in your iPhone might be interfering with rebooting process.

Part 2: A Comprehensive Introduction to Dr.Fone – System Repair (iOS) – The iOS Recovery Tool

There are many reasons that can cause the iPhone screen to get stuck on the Apple logo, as we have described above. While there are some quick solutions, like restarting your iPhone, these rarely work.

So what we are recommending you as the answer to this problem is Dr.Fone. Its iOS system repair tool can solve problems such as iPhone stuck on the Apple logo, black screen, white screen, boot loop, Error 1110, Error 75, etc.

Dr.Fone – System Repair (iOS) works on over 150 iOS devices and supports all major iOS versions in the market.

The System Repair module of Dr.Fone offers you to solve your iPhone issues in three modes. You can use Standard Repair if the problem is not severe, as it keeps your data when solving the issue.

Advanced Repair is the mode you should use when the problem is complex and can’t be solved using Standard Repair. It will delete the data of your iPhone. If you want to sell your iPhone, you can permanently delete your iPhone data using its Anti-Recovery Mode.

Part 3: How To Resolve the Issues of iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo with Dr.Fone?

We have told you about why the iPhone gets stuck on the Apple logo and given you a brief introduction to Dr.Fone – System Repair (iOS). It is time to tell you the process of solving the problem of the iPhone being stuck on the Apple logo.

What you need to do to start the process is have Dr.Fone installed in your system and a lightning cable to connect your iPhone to your system. Once done, follow the steps given below to solve your issue of your iPhone stuck on the Apple logo:

Step 1: Select System Repair from Dr.Fone

Open the Dr.Fone app on your system and select “System Repair” from its main screen. It will lead you to the next screen, where you need to select “iOS” to proceed further.

Step 2: Choose the Repair Mode

On the next screen, you will see many options regarding repairs to iPhone. Here select “iOS Repair” to see a list of different errors. Next, select the “iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo” issue and tap on “Repair Now.”

Afterwards, you will be asked to choose the repair mode, and you should select “Standard Mode” as your first choice.

Step 3: Start the Recovery Mode on iPhone

Now you are required to put your iPhone in Recovery mode. First, you need to connect your iPhone to the system and select “Guide to Recovery Mode” to put your iPhone in recovery mode because your device is unresponsive.

Step 4: Download the Suitable Firmware

When the Recovery Mode has been successfully initiated on your iPhone, the program will detect your iPhone’s model and provide you with a list of corresponding firmware. Select the firmware being used by your iPhone and download it.

Step 5: Repair Your iPhone

Once the firmware is downloaded and verified, tap on the “Repair Now” button to start the repair process. When the repair process is completed, your iPhone will restart automatically. After that, your iPhone is ready to be used as you wish.


iPhone stuck on the Apple logo is a problem you can face if you try to update your iPhone or restore data to it. It means you need a tested and trusted tool to resolve this operating system problem without affecting your iPhone data.

Dr.Fone is a great toolbox for iOS problems in all models of iPhone. It allows you to solve almost every system issue regarding iPhone at home, saving you hundreds of dollars.

Written by Muhammad Arslan

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