10 Best Ayeza Khan Western Outfits We Love [Pictures]

She turns heads in whatever she wears!

Ayeza Khan has offered style inspo time and time again. The stunning beauty turns heads in whatever she wears. Yet it’s not often we see the best of Ayeza Khan’s western outfits

We’ve mostly seen her don Eastern wear given all those endorsements she takes up. Not that we’re overseeing Ayeza Khan as a bride, but fans do enjoy the starlet mixing it up.


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Aside from owning traditional wear, the Yaariyan actress rocks western wear just as well. Yet her western outfits are far more sparse on her Instagram. So we compiled a list of the Pyarey Afzal actress’s best contemporary outfits. Here’s a list of the 10 best Ayeza Khan western outfits.


The Basics

Blue jeans and a solid tee are a staple. White might not be your go-to neutral, so you can opt for another color, or swap the basic tee for a classic button-down.


Button Downs

Speaking of button-downs the actress loves loose fit button-downs. She opted for interesting cuts and details for a more polished look.



Whatever you wear opting for one color makes any ensemble look more harmonious. Even if you’re just wearing sweats and a turtleneck.


Classic Trench

Nothing beats a fall trench. Ayeza Khan stuck to layered classics with a white blouse, camel tranch, and those chunky boots.


Sweater Weather

An oversized sweater looks chic with just about everything from slacks, to jeans and even leggings. To break the classic rut, Ayeza Khan opted for a vibrant pop of color cozying up in sweater weather.


Comfortably Chic

Timberlands might not be everyone’s cup of tea but a sleek jacket will polish the look making it fit for even a girly girl.

If you are still wary of work boots, swap the look with a sweatshirt and white sneakers instead.



Most of us are so over athleisure but the trend hasn’t died out completely.


Bold Pairings

Now leather pants might be too tricky for some people and so can leopard print. Yet the Koi Chand Rakh actress paired these two bold pieces for an eye-catching outfit


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Silk and Sequins

Silk is another tricky fabric that’s hard to pull off given how unforgiving it is with the slightest bit of moisture. So pair silk over a next-t-skin top and you’re golden.

Maybe don’t pair it with sequin pants. Yet sequin pants worn with basics can make for a polished and ‘party-able’ look.


Flowy Silhouettes

Polished and poised looks aside, the Mehar Posh actress doesn’t mind flowy silhouettes from peasant tops to dresses. The key to pulling off these shapeless garments is cinching at the right points. Your waist, elbows, wrists, etc. That way you’re showing off your smallest points and hiding the rest in loose layers.


Which one of these Ayeza Khan western outfits did you like? Let us know in the comment section if you’d recreate any of these looks with your own spin on.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

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