Hareem Shah’s Obscene Private Video in the Bathroom Goes Viral [Again]

She blamed her friends for this unethical act.

TikTok star Hareem Shah is back in the news once again. The young social media influencer has a knack for turning up in the most unlikely of situations. This time around she is under fire for her viral obscene videos.

Videos that were posted and leaked by an unidentified user reportedly show Hareem Shah involved in indecent acts in a bathroom under the shower.

She recently shared a video regarding this matter,

Talking about her private data breach, Hareem blamed her ex-friends Sundal Khattak and Ayesha Naz for stealing the videos from her mobile phone when they used to live together. She further stated that she will take legal action against both of them.

Hareem Shah and Sundal Khattak

Hareem Shah is popular albeit controversial social media star. The young internet sensation rose to fame with her channel on the popular video-sharing platform TikTok. After becoming a social media influencer, Hareem has become somewhat part of Pakistani politics. Every now and then, she is found next to some prominent public figure or politician (mostly MQM members).

From “chilling out” in the Prime Minister’s office, to taking selfies with political figures including MQM founder Altaf Hussain, Hareem Shah knows how to grab a headline. The TikToker often shares interesting events from her life on social media.

Hareem Shah has been in the limelight since the beginning of her fame for all the wrong reasons. She has mostly been involved in controversies and video leaks. She was even detained in Turkey for being involved in a gold and cash smuggling case.

She has been recently accused of transferring money illegally after posting a video of stacks of British pounds in front of her and claiming that she had brought them from Pakistan without the notice of airport authorities. The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) subsequently subpoenaed her and reportedly interrogated her where she claimed that it was a prank that she had pulled for fun.

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