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15 Pakistani Celebrity Baby Names For Girls [Pictures]

There’s more to a name than you think!

celebrity baby names

Celebrity baby names often determine baby names trends. Often we don’t even know what these unique names mean.

The meaning behind a name is thought to influence a child’s personality. That is why we opt for strong names for strong little girls. Soft traditionally feminine names are just as beautiful.

While what you name your child is entirely a personal affair, there’s no doubt celebrity choices do influence the public. So before we jump the bandwagon let’s take a look at celebrity baby girl names and their meaning.


1. Fiza Ali’s Faraal

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Bus sunset aur kuch nhi

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Fiza Ali’s little girl is named Faraal. It is an Arabic name meaning lion, and height. Basically the name Faraal means strength and power.


2. Mehreen Syed’s Aman

This fashionista’s baby girl is named Anam. Anam is a name that originated in the subcontinent. The name means peace or comfort. We can’t say for sure whether that means this lady will live in peace and comfort or bring peace and comfort, but we like the sound of it all the same.


3. Syra Yusaf’s Noreeh

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Yummy Life ? – Youngest #belieber

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Syra Yusef and Shahroz Sabzwari’s daughter Nooreh has another beautiful name meaning radiant and sparkling. It is an Arabic name derived from the word Noor, whic means light.


4. Sanam Jung’s Alaya

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My little Astronaut ?

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The Jago Pakistan Jago host named her little girl Alaya. Alaya is also an Arabic name meaning greatness, highness, sublimity.

We do not realize how names often mark the parents’ expectations towards their children. Perhaps this is an example of it?


Amal Muneeb is Growing Up So Fast [Pictures]


5. Aiman Khan’s Amal

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Oh I love you my Amaluuuu?

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Muneeb Butt and Aiman Khan’s newborn is named Amal Muneeb. This little girl also has an Arabic name. Amal literally means hope or aspiration in the Arabic language. Of course, it has become a popular name nowadays.


6. Shahid Afridi’s Ansha

The eldest of Shahid Afridi’s five beautiful daughters is named Ansha. Ansha is an Arabic word meaning initiated or begin. It fundamentally means she started, or she created. It is a very unique name and led many to turn it into a popular name trend.


7. Shahid Afridi’s Aqsa

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Love u baba?

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Shahid Afridi named his second baby girl after one of the holiest mosques Al-Aqsa. The Arabic name means perfect in goodness and righteousness.


8. Shahid Afridi’s Ajwa

His third daughter Ajwa is named after the renowned date, planted by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in Saudi Arabia. The date is thought to have holistic properties. The literal meaning of this name is to be pure and free from all evils.

9. Shahid Afridi’s Asmara

Asmara’s literal meaning is a beautiful butterfly. This little girl is often seen photobombing her father’s posts. The name suits her as an energetic little girl.


10. Shahid Afridi’s Arwa

The all-rounder named his fifth daughter based on suggestions from fans. This time he went with a traditional name Arwa. This Arabic word means ‘female ibex’, however, the name means graceful beauty.

“Almighty’s infinite blessings & mercy are upon me….already having been granted 4 wonderful daughters I have now been blessed with a 5th.”


Syra Shahroz and Shahroz Sabzwari’s Baby Girl Nooreh is Too Cute [Pictures]


11. Ayeza Khan’s Hoorain

Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor’s daughter is named Hoorain. The name Hoorain means beautiful eyes. It is also a unique name with an equally unique meaning.


12. Mohib Mirza’s Meissa

Aamina Sheikh and Mohib Mirza named their daughter Meissa. This is a very unique name. It’s actually the name of a star in the constellation of Orion. It means the shining one.


13. Nida Yasir’s Silah

Nida Yasir and Yasir Nawaz’s daughter Silah stunned everyone with how fast she’s grown. Her name literal meaning is arms, armor, or weapons. The name actually refers to someone who can stand up for themselves.


14. Shaista Lodhi’s Eman

Dr. Shaista Lodhi’s daughter Eman has a name that’s quite popular in Pakistan. It is the Arabic name for faith.

15. Adnan Siddiqui’s Daniya

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To my little girl who’s turning 12 and is wiser and more adorable than ever: Dear Daniya Janiya, every year I write a note on your birthday but this year is more special because of the extraordinary ways in which you’ve grown in such a short span of time. Your heart was always kind; I notice and feel it more than ever. Why? Because your dadijaan was as compassionate and caring as you are. I see glimpses of her in you, and what a wonderful feeling it is to be reminded of one’s own mother – her gentle touch – in one’s child. My heart melts when I come back home after a long day and you rush to give me a hug. Every day. Every night. The cutest is when you help me remove my shoes. It is cute because it is so old-fashioned, and yet so innocent. I’m so proud of you Daniya. Happy birthday my darling. Yours, Abba jaan. PS: When I say she’s very caring, this picture is a small example: she gifted me a bottle of tiger balm along with some other presents on my birthday because I get a lot of headaches and use the balm.. . . . #adnansiddiqui #actor #daughter #special #birthday #caring #note #thoughtful #birthdaygirl #daddsprincess #presents #chocolates #card #balm #mybabygirl #beautiful #gorgeous #compassionate #daniyajaniya #happybirthday #happy12

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The Ye Dil Mera actor named his daughter Daniya. This name also originated from Arabic. It means kind-hearted, the one who draws closer.


Written by Ummara Sheraz

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