23-Year-Old Pakistani Man Ties The Knot With a 65-Year-Old Czech Woman

Love finds itself in the most bizarre places.

Czech Woman

Most of you might have heard the phrase ‘love is blind’ but did you know love also can’t see age [Or even borders, for that matter]? A 23-year old Pakistani boy, who is a painter by profession, caught himself falling for a 65-year-old Czech woman. After 3 years of convincing, the couple is finally together in Gujranwala.

Abdullah from Warpal Chatha, Gujranwala saw Arena on Facebook. And he couldn’t help but send her a message along with a friend request. After convincing her for a phone call, details of which remain unknown, he was able to woo her.

A digital fairytale ft. a Czech woman

According to their recent interview, the Czech woman had been trying for a visa for a year. But she kept getting rejected. Abdullah too applied for Czech Republic’s visa, but he was rejected as well. So, after countless phone calls to the Pakistani embassy in her country, Abdullah was finally able to meet the love of his life.


Czech Woman


Now, the couple is finally married and Arena has accepted Islam. But the couple doesn’t intend on staying in the country- they want to move to the Czech Republic together. As for Abdullah, he will continue his profession there.

His wife is a well-educated woman who is also a retired teacher. She even helped her husband learn the English language. On top of that, she learned a bit of Urdu and Punjabi herself. Don’t believe us? Take a look at their interview here:



According to Abdullah, it was easy to convince his parents. He said his parents are extremely supportive and full of love. This is why convincing them to agree to this marriage was an easy task.

The 23-year-old also revealed that he plans on having a lot of kids with his new wife. Although we think that might be impossible- perhaps they are considering adoption? Either way, we wish him and this 65-year-old Czech woman a happy married life ahead. What do you think of their story? Share your views in the comments section.



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Written by Yusra Rafiq


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