30 Female Students In Rawalpindi Falls Sick After Eating Toxic Samosas

A total of 30 female students at a seminary in Dhoke Mustaqeem, Rawalpindi, were rushed to the hospital after consuming toxic food, according to a report by 24NewsHD TV channel on Sunday.

Rescue personnel confirmed that 19 students were admitted to the District Headquarters Hospital, while 11 others were transferred to Benazir Bhutto Hospital, where their conditions were reported to be stable.

The incident occurred when the female students, intending to break their fast, became unwell after consuming snacks, including samosas and pakoras, from a nearby shop.

Upon receiving a distress call regarding the illness of the female students at the local madrassah, rescue officials promptly responded. Preliminary information revealed that the girls had purchased samosas and pakoras from a nearby market, resulting in their subsequent illness.

In response to the incident, local authorities initiated an investigation. Samples of the food were collected for laboratory testing to determine the cause of the toxicity.