35-Year-Old Pakistani Man Marries 70 Year Old Canadian Woman

Another age-defying love story.

After Indian and Chinese women reached Pakistan to marry the loves of their lives and an alleged Pakistani woman left for India to find a husband while still being married to her Pakistani husband. Now, we have another age-defying love story between a 35-year-old man and a 70-year-old Canadian woman.

Naeem Shahzad 35 years old, a resident of Gujrat revealed that he and his 70-year-old wife met on Facebook in 2017.

The woman accepted his friend request and they began speaking, gradually becoming friends. Their friendship soon developed into a relationship and eventually, Naeem told his long-distance lover that he wanted to marry her.

Naeem explained that he plans to move to Canada with his wife, however, his visa application was rejected. Although he plans to obtain a visa, the Pakistani man insisted that he did not get married just to obtain a route into Canada.

He said he got married to stabilize his life, adding that his wife financially supports him. Naeem said his wife does not want him to work because it could affect his health. The couple is also starting their YouTube channel to support themselves.




  1. “Naeem said his wife does not want him to work because it could affect his health.”…. did I miss the part that mentions he being seriously ill or handicapped??