7 Pakistani Celebrities Who are Shia Muslims [Pictures]

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Following the death of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the Muslim world saw two different denominations – Shia and Sunni Islam. While each and every Muslim observes the month of Muharram, the Shia community especially comes together to observe the rituals of the holy month, culminating with Ashura. Some Pakistani celebrities are also a part of Pakistan’s vibrant Shia community.

Husayn ibn Ali lost his life during the Battle of Karbala, and his death has since been mourned throughout the Muslim world.

Even celebrities who are Shia Muslims follow the rituals on the anniversary of the Battle of Karbala. Let’s take a look at who these celebrities are:


Imran Abbas

37-year-old actor, singer, and former model Imran Abbas is extremely popular in showbiz. While he often posts pictures in remembrance of Muharram-ul-Haram, the Thora Sa Haq star recited a Marsiya this Muharram. Let’s take a look:




Sadia Imam

Actress, model, and TV presenter Sadia Imam might not be a conventional Shia, but she has taken an apparent break from social media for the month of Muharram.

Her daughter Meerab was recently seen reciting a Marsiya and Sadia’s fans couldn’t help but say ‘MashaAllah’.




Humaima and Dua Malick

Actress and model, Humaima Malick is also one of the most famous celebrities who are Shia Muslims. Her siblings Feroze Khan and Dua Malik also follow the mandatory customs of the month.

Let’s take a look:






Natasha Ali

Pakistani actress Natasha Ali is proud of her Shia beliefs. Even though she could not visit the city of Karbala like last year, her Instagram feed is filled with posts dedicated to this month.





Ainy Jaffri

Though the 39-year-old Pakistani actress Ainy Jaffri isn’t too vocal about her religion on social media, she is known to be a Shia Muslim.



Juggan Kazim

Pakistani Canadian actress Juggan Kazim is also a known Shia. She posted this on 8th Muharram this year:




Komal Rizvi

Komal Rizvi also takes to her social media accounts to share quotes and messages related to Muharram.




This concludes the list of famous Pakistani celebrities who are Shia Muslims.

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