80-Year-Old Man Takes Son to Court for Refusing to Let Him Remarry

A case has been filed in Sindh’s District and Sessions Court,

In an unusual case, an 80-year-old man from Jacobabad, Sindh, Manthar Lashari, has taken legal action against his son to pursue his desire to marry for the second time.

Lashari has filed a case in the District and Sessions Court, alleging that his son is refusing to let him remarry, citing his lifelong dedication to raising his son and a deep desire for companionship in his twilight years.

Manthar Lashari’s plea has brought attention to the complex dynamics that can arise within families when personal wishes clash with familial obligations.

The 80-year-old man expressed his longing for a life companion, believing that living without a wife in his advanced years has proven to be a challenging and lonely experience. He believes that remarriage would bring him solace and emotional support during this phase of his life.

Conversely, his son has opposed his father’s wish to remarry, and the disagreement has reached the point where legal action has been taken.

The son’s reasons for opposing his father’s wish are not disclosed in the initial reports, but the case is expected to involve a discussion about the son’s responsibilities towards his 80-year-old father and the extent to which they may include decisions about his personal life.

The District and Sessions Court will now evaluate the case, considering the rights and obligations of both parties involved.

The legal proceedings will also seek to address whether Manthar Lashari’s right to marry for the second time, and his personal happiness, should be respected and upheld by the law.