A Leopard Enters Abbottabad Village, What Happened Next Was Gruesome

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Another case of wild animals entering into civilian population was reported in Abbottabad. A leopard entered Pawa Sayal, a small village of Abbottabad and injured a man before being killed by a mob.

According to KPK Wildlife Department officials, the leopard, aged four years, was among endangered species. A villager, Malik Muhammad Riaz was working in fields and was attacked by the wild cat.

When the villagers heard him crying for help, they ran out to rescue him and killed the leopard.

Viewer discretion is advised. The following content may disturb the audience.



Idrees Khan, a wildlife official said the body of the leopard has been sent for the medical examination to ascertain the facts of the incident.

Malik Muhammad’s brother said that he sustained injuries on different parts of the body including his right arm and leg. He is undergoing treatment at the District Headquarter Hospital.

The wildlife department would also investigate whether Malik Muhammad entered the animal habitat or was it the other way around.

Trigger alert. The following content may disturb the audience.



Idrees Khan also mentioned that the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) pays an amount of Rs.100,000 to leopard attack victims.

While in case of death, the department would pay an amount of Rs.300,000 to the victim’s heir, he added.



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