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A Selfless Act: This Poor Kid is Giving Away Face Masks For Free

The rare kind of kindness in the time of coronavirus.

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While we hear of most businesses and some enterprising individuals taking advantage of people during this viral pandemic, a little boy in Sahiwal knew better than to profit off of something so devastating.

The little boy was seen on the streets selling masks for a meager amount of Rs. 20 ($0.26).

When a passerby jokingly told the kid he doesn’t have 20 bucks, this poor kid told him to take the surgical mask for free. That’s right.

Someone asked the kid if it would upset his mother if he gives away masks for free. The kid replied in a simple NO and that his mother has told him about the catastrophic viral spread.

His act of kindness has melted many hearts and encouraged a lot of people.

And then there’s this. Some people in Pakistan are seen hoarding supplies during this crisis. And not just that, they go ahead and share shameless videos of them doing so. All of this while people like this little kid in Sahiwal are the ones suffering.

The little kid selling these masks knows better than certain individuals who have taken a backseat to helping others.

He’s not the only one doing great deeds. This little Chinese girl was seen giving away masks for free in Pakistan.

It is good to see that humanity is not entirely dead during a time when a killer virus runs amok all around the world.

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Written by Yusra Rafiq


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