A Story Of Imperfect, Flawed People: 5 Things You Learn From K-Drama ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’

The story is a rollercoaster of emotions and relationships!

The Netflix original series Extraordinary Attorney Woo takes you on the unusual journey of a cute lawyer who is not so ordinary.  That talented rookie lawyer had a high-functioning autism spectrum disorder (ASD) which was often pointed out by the people from her work or merely by passersby. And how she stepped out of her comfort zone to win the hearts and several complicated cases with her 169 IQ and photographic memory.

The serial EAW breaks the mould of typical rom-com series to represent the person with a disability. As viewers, we experience the everyday life of autistic people and how they manage to exist in this harsh world. This drama continuously tries to break down the misconceptions we have of autistic people.

We love how the writer Moon Ji-Won portrayed the role of protagonist Woo Young Woo (Park Eun-Bin). Her amazing memory and convincing skills by comparing them with the whale’s life or world make the opponents come to their knees and help her win the case. And a whale ‘Eureka’ moment whenever she gets stuck on the case or to seek comfort is the most adorable.

As we move past the confusion of those revolving doors we got to know that there are many issues in our society that are often overlooked. From fraud, nepotism, and bullying to ableism. Here we have gathered a few points we learned from this top-rating serial which has caught our attention from the start.

  • Accepting The Imperfectness In People

When Young Woo first joined the law firm Hanbada she was often looked down on because of her autism. From her boss who first thought she won’t be able to interact with people to her colleagues who called her ‘idiot’ and ‘stupid’.

It gives us a lesson that we sometimes feel pity and mistreat neuro-typical people. Even though they are the same as us and feel the negativity we do.  We should accept them who they are and make their ways a bit easier so they could prosper in the world like us. Like in the last episode Woo-young Woo said that this is her life and though it’s rather unusual and peculiar, it is valuable and beautiful.

  • Everyone Can’t Be Happy From Your Success

In the serial, we see that the hard work and intelligence of attorney woo helped her win important criminal and civil cases. While most of the people from her team at work and family cheered for her there was a colleague Kwon Min-Woo who got jealous. He tried everything to bring her down because he saw her as a threat to his career.

But that’s totally okay. We should accept that not everyone will be rooting for you on your success. We should just focus on ourselves and our journey rather than pleasing everyone.

  • Differently Abled People Also Deserve Love

The series also shed the light on the love relationship between autistic people. The cute love interest of Young Woo and Lee Jun-Ho (Kang Tae-Ho) has us glued to our screens. From normalizing her continued banter about whales and dolphins to accepting that she won’t be able to love him back the way he does sets the new benchmark.

From this perspective, we learned that we should accept each other despite our differences. No one is perfect in this world and talking about the differently-abled people they too deserve to be loved, seen, and heard.

  • Good Friends Always Have Your Back

True friends are those who always have your back no matter what situation you are going through. Just like the strong friendship bond between Young Woo and her childhood friend Dong Geu-Rami (Joo-Hyun-Young).

How she always supports and guides her to be her best and most authentic self. And her college mate turned colleague Choi So- Yeon (Ha Yoon-Kyung) who apparently seemed tough but always had her back. So that’s really what real friends are for.

  • Every Person Is Fighting Their Own Battle That We Don’t Know

During the whole series, we came across different cases in which Young Woo worked from fraud to cybercrime. They all seemed open and shut cases but as the attorney’s from the Hanbada law firm dig deep they find out there is more to their stories.

Every person rich, poor, young or old is fighting their own battles which we don’t know of. So as the saying goes, ‘Don’t Judge the Book with its Cover’. We should not think we know everything about a particular person there is always more than we see.

So in the end to sum up this summary of lessons we learned from this serial I would like to say that every episode of Extraordinary Attorney Woo was eye-opening and heartwarming. If you are looking for a sweet, emotional yet thoughtful serial to watch this weekend just go for it!