A Twitter User Compares Women to Oranges, Gets Schooled by Lawyer Jibran Nasir

After comparing women to inanimate objects like meat and lollipops, here is another analogy…

Political activist Jibran Nasir gave a befitting reply to a Twitter user comparing women to fruit. Reducing women to inanimate objects is nothing new with the deep-set patriarchy in Pakistani society but this person’s absurd analogy had Twitter buzzing with debate.

Recently a Twitter user compared women that chose not to wear a hijab to peeled oranges and referred to hijabi women as unpeeled oranges. The user said women who wear a hijab would ‘not drown’ while the ones who didn’t take hijab would. The false analogy was not only plain weird but offensive. So no wonder Twitter was abuzz debating on the tweet.


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So Jibran Nasir took to the micro-blogging app and took this Twitter user to school over his analogy.

“A fruit doesn’t speak, express, feel or dream but humans do. Wear whatever you want but do yourself a favour and stop drawing analogies of your gender with inanimate objects.”


When one Netizen asked religious advice on the matter, Jibran Nasir flexed his religious knowledge to cover that ground.

“Before she is commanded to cover herself, he is commanded to lower his gaze. Let her answer to God for her choice of dress and worry about your gaze as you will be questioned on that. Sab nay apni apni qabar main jana hai. (Everyone is answerable to their own deeds),”


The political activist brought up that men are not exempt from practicing modesty in Islam, in a more than a superficial sense of the word.

Yeh bhi deen ki hee baat hai ya qabr kay hisaab par aap ka imaan nahi? (this is also a part of faith, or do you not believe in judgment in the grave?) Aur mard ko nazray neechay karnay ka hukum bhi deen nay dia hai. (religion also commands men to hold a modest gaze) Yeh deen kay saray ahkemaat pay amal ka thaika sirf aurton nay lia hai ya mardon ki bhi koi zimmedari hai? (do only women have the responsibility to practice all teachings in religion, or do men have an obligation too?)”

While Jibran Nasir responded with grace, the rest of Twitter that found the analogy unpalatable didn’t hold back.


Comparing women to food, from meat to fruit is an all-time low.




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