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Aamir Khan Shoots Down Viral Fake News of Him Donating Ration Bags with Rs 15,000 Inside

What happened here?

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Aamir Khan was the center of praise when news emerged that the Bollywood megastar had donated 15000 Indian rupees in ration bags. Like actually placed 15000 INR in ration bags that were supposed to be donated to wage workers.

Except, the Thugs of Hindustan actor doesn’t even know he had done that.

Just days ago, news went viral that Aamir Khan was ‘demonstrating generosity in a mysterious way‘ and he had secretly donated money to daily wage earners during the Coronavirus lockdown. Rumor has it this donor placed cash in ration bags put together for wage-workers.


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Hindustan Times had reported how a viral video started the speculation. In the video, it was claimed that the Fanaa actor sent a ration truck to a slum area and the residents were told that they could only take one bag each.

People later found INR 15000 in the wheat sacks, except the video didn’t specify where. So did it even happen?

The PK actor has denied the rumors making rounds on Facebook. He asserts that it must be some other guy behind this huge gesture, but surely it’s not from him. Afterall he would know if it was.

He asserted that maybe the man netizens are looking for, just wants to keep a low profile.

 “Guys, I am not the person putting money in wheat bags. Its either a fake story completely, or Robin Hood doesn’t want to reveal himself! Stay safe. Love. A.”


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Keeping the sense of humor alive, one Twitter user suggested the hero we’re looking to credit may be Salman Khan instead of Aamir.

Someone else suggested that Aamir Khan should have just taken credit when he was getting all the hype.

Then there were demands that Aamir Khan can take this as a suggestion and make it happen, IRL.


Safe to say this might not have happened because it’s not really possible. Normally when cash donations are made, they are handed to the people directly to ensure they actually get the money. Leaving money in wheat bags doesn’t sound like a good idea.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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