Aamir Liaquat Gets Hitched for the Second Time

The entertainer surprises many with his announcement.

While we were at our happy places over the weekend, the world had something else planned and Twitter was the first to inform us.

Aamir Liaquat tied the knot (again) over the weekend and we know this because he tweeted it. Yes it really happened because now its on Twitter.

There’s a reason the two people stay together but, this was indeed his second marriage. So how did the first woman he promised to stay together with approve of this union? She may forever keep her silence but his daughter certainly won’t. Aamir Liaquat’s daughter Dua Aamir took to Twitter to express her sadness and the disappointment that most children can’t recover from, a broken family.

When your parents let you down you can’t help but still pray for their happiness and well being because in the end you still can’t believe the betrayal is real. That is what Dua seems to feel right now, as is evident from her tweet here:


Aamir Liaqat’s first wife Bushra Aamir is also the mother of his two children. You’d think the world would learn from history and avoid making the same mistakes but nooo.

Despite the fact that a wife’s approval is required for a second marriage, the disapproval is obvious in this case.

The television talk show host and politician held an extravagant Valima in Karachi. Numerous government officials and political personalities were in attendance including Aamir’s colleague from Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Governor Sindh Imran Ismail.

While some people were accepting of the fact that it has happened. A lot of us can’t believe this can happen twice:

Meanwhile, trolls have something new to work on.



Then there was this lot:

Yeah just a wedding, NBD really.


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