Aima Baig Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles After Her Messy Breakup

Pakistani pop sensation Aima Baig has always been known for her powerhouse vocals and charismatic presence on stage. However, behind the glittering facade of stardom, lies a story of resilience and overcoming personal struggles. Recently, Aima Baig took to social media to bravely reveal her battle with mental health issues, shedding light on the dark moments she faced following the breakdown of her engagement and the onslaught of controversial allegations against her.

In a heartfelt interview, the 27-year-old singer disclosed that she had contemplated ending her life during the tumultuous period after her engagement ended and she faced accusations of infidelity.

Reflecting on her breakup with Shahbaz Shagri, Aima Baig expressed that there were underlying personal stories involved that remained undisclosed to the public. She emphasized the importance of understanding that marriage involves two families, not just individuals. She clarified that both families were supportive and understanding throughout their relationship.

Regarding the decision to end the relationship, Aima Baig shared that it was a mutual agreement but ultimately driven by her considerations. She admitted that in hindsight, she feels the decision may not have been the best one.

She also shared that despite the negativity, she found solace and support from her family, who shielded her from the online trolling.

For context, in 2022, British model Taloulah Mair accused pop singer Aima Baig of cheating with her boyfriend Qes Ahmed. The model claims the Pakistani individual, Qes, is a womanizer and a swindler who has had multiple affairs with many women, including Aima Baig.

The scandalous news came just days after Shahbaz Shigri and Aima Baig ended their engagement to each other. Taloulah went on to call out Aima, using derogatory remarks and leaking her private chats online. The subsequent backlash forced Aima Baig to take a break from social media.

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