Aima Baig Thinks Emerging Singer Nehaal Naseem Copies Her From Head to Toe

Pakistani vocalist Aima Baig recently appeared on Ahmed Ali Butt’s program ‘Excuse Me’, where she engaged in a discussion about the talented emerging Pakistani music sensation Nehaal Naseem.

In a candid exchange with the show’s host, the ‘Malang’ singer Aima Baig explicitly asserted that Nehaal imitated her entirely, mirroring her from top to bottom.

Aima’s precise words on the matter were,

There’s one girl I truly feel proud of, and that’s Nehaal. I recall her beginnings, and then she sounded precisely like me. If I were to highlight one of my proudest moments, it would be this, because she essentially, completely copied me in every aspect.

When queried about whether it could be construed as a compliment, she remarked:
“For me, it’s an accomplishment that I’ve inspired someone to the extent that they replicated me.”

She concluded by remarking,

She even copied me; in terms of appearance.

Pertinent to note here that Nehaal Naseem, 18, is currently sweeping acclaim for her viral song ‘Sadqay’, with Wajahat brothers Aashir and Nayel.

Unfortunately,  Aima’s statement became a reason for trolling, as people started accusing her of copying other celebrities and criticized her for saying it to Nehaal. Some even went as far as claiming that Nehaal’s recent song ‘Sadqay’ is better than Aima’s entire career.

Aima also expressed her views on overrated Pakistani singers, stating that she believes female artists in the country are not overrated but rather underrated.

Here is the full interview below,