‘Alizeh Shah Misbehaved with Yasir Nawaz, Humayun Saeed,’ Claims Naveed Raza

Actor Naveed Raza spilled the deets on the major beef between Alizeh Shah and Yasir Nawaz.

Alizeh Shah

Looks like we’re digging into the Yasir Nawaz and Alizeh Shah beef again, as Naveed Raza shared his perspective on the matter.

According to the actor, it was the Tiktoker-cum-actress who is to blame for the feud. In his appearance on Time Out With Ahsan Khan, the actor, known for making blunt statements, laid the blame on Alizeh Shah.

Naveed Raza stated that the problem was Alizeh Shah’s attitude. He revealed details of Alizeh Shah’s rude and disrespectful behavior towards Yasir Nawaz on the sets of Mera Dil Mera Dushman.

Talking about his DMKD costars, Naveed straight-up named and shamed the Superstar actress.

“Why don’t we name and shame a certain actor who commits wrong, let’s take her name, it was Alizeh Shah who misbehaved with Yasir Nawaz. I think, no matter how superior, talented and famous you are, you have to respect the seniors.”

Additionally, the actor also asserted that the tension between the two was due to the young actor’s personal issues. He made it sound as though Alizeh Shah brought personal grievances with her co-star onto the set.

“Why are you bringing your personal life on set, it’s a workplace. Yasir Nawaz is not just our friend he is the big name of our industry. He has a profile, he’s proven his mettle, who has given you the right to say no to do scenes with him. Say that ‘I won’t do certain scene with you”, who gave you the right to cut his lines, how can you say to director that let him make sit far away from me, while he was drying up his hair, you should be thankful that he’s sharing screen with you”.

However, his statement about a young actress not having the right to say no to certain scenes with a male costar is uncalled for. Much like any other workplace, it’s integral that artists be made to feel safe and comfortable in their workspace.

He further said when Humayun Saeed tried to be the peacemaker, the Jo Tu Chahay actress was rude to him.

“Things had gotten so worse on that set, COVID also came and she also started fussing on dates, and everything. Humayun Saeed had to call her and ask her to cooperate. She even misbehaved with him. When Humayun said, “Don’t you have to work in industry?”, she said, “now, you people will give me work?”

We are yet to hear what the TikToker herself has to say about this ordeal.