Amna Ilyas: ‘I Prefer A Tall Man Even If He’s Broke’

The actress shares her ideal preference in a guy.

Amna Ilyas

Amna Ilyas is considered one of the most outspoken celebrities in the Pakistani showbiz industry. From clapping back at the ‘moral brigade’ about her dressing to drawing heat on herself with an accidental roundhouse kick to her friend for views, the actress has always drawn the ire of netizens.

Amna Ilyas

A recent video surfaced online where Amna sat down for an interview on a popular chat show. The Ready Steady No star was on Faizan Sheikh and Aadi Adeal Amjad’s TV talk show, The Mazedaar ShowDuring one of the segments, “This or That”, the host asks Amna what would she do if she were a girl with short height. Will she laugh at them or tell them they can grow taller?

“I would laugh at them,” Amna replies. “I am not a racist but I will laugh.”

Amna Ilyas

The Baaji star further added that she would choose a tall man for herself any day, even if he is broke or poor. Amna made it clear that she prefers tall men instead of someone short, regardless of their wealth or stature. Which explains why Amna is in a relationship with Dawar Mehmood. Check out the full show here.

The statement certainly stirred up some heat online by people who believe Amna is ‘body-shaming, but this isn’t something new for the actress. Earlier this year, she received flak for commenting on senior model Aaminah Haq’s body.

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