Andrew Tate Voices Support for Imran Khan, Sparking Mixed Reactions Online

“All the good guys go to jail.”

Controversial influencer Andrew Tate has come out in support of Imran Khan following the former Pakistani Prime Minister’s arrest by paramilitary officers outside the High Court in Islamabad on Tuesday.

In a surprising turn of events, Tate has expressed his support for the detained PTI chairman, tweeting, “All the good guys go to jail.”

Who would’ve thought, Andrew Tate, a former British-American kickboxer, businessman, and an influencer with polarizing views, be a fan of the Kaptaan. This is one bizarre crossover, no one saw coming.

Tate’s tweet raised eyebrows and garnered attention from various corners of the internet, igniting a wave of both support and criticism.

Supporters of both Tate and Khan rallied behind his statement, unintentionally showing their solidarity for the former premier of Pakistan. One Twitter user, alluding to a conspiracy, stated, “The matrix wants everyone with influence jailed,” while another user compared Khan to Tate, writing, “He is a Top G like you.”

However, not everyone was receptive to Tate’s support, considering his own recent arrest and the allegations surrounding it. A Twitter user questioned the validity of his stance, saying, “Girl, this man literally went to jail for human trafficking. What the hell is he talking about?”

Amidst the varying opinions, one Twitter user injected humor into the situation, tweeting, “MashAllah, Andrew Tate joins PTI,” accompanied by a photoshopped image merging Khan and Tate.

Andrew Tate’s involvement in this controversial episode comes on the heels of his arrest in late 2022 in Romania on charges related to human trafficking, rape, and forming an organized criminal group.

Alongside his brother Tristan and two Romanian women, Tate was detained but later released from jail and placed under house arrest pending further investigation.

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