Another Round of Eliminations In Tamasha and More Drama!

The voters decided who they want kicked out

Tamasha Ghar

ARY Digital’s Big Boss-esque reality television show Tamasha is going strong. This week there was another round of eliminations.

On the 21st day at  ‘Tamasha Ghar’ or Tamasha house sets in, and two contestants were eliminated based on public voting. The public voted out Aamna Malick and Sehr Beg.


No one seems too affected by their elimination as the two weren’t adding anything to the show. Sehr Beg was apparently too calm of a contestant to ‘play’. However, she was picking up others’ fights to stay in the show.

Meanwhile, Aamna was constantly playing for Mareeha, both of whom didn’t stand out in terms of games, tasks and behaviors, so voters got rid of both of them.


Now it seems that Maira, Humaira, Umer, Saeeda and others are active players on the show. Netizens are still dotting over Umer. The man at the top of the hill last week.


Then there’s other drama.


Meanwhile, Humaira is the new minister of the house.

Tamasha is an ARY Digital reality TV show. The show’s format is based on the reality TV shows Big Brother and Big Boss. Currently the first ever season of Pakistan’s Big Boss like reality show. Given how Big Boss has such a huge following in Pakistan, many people are taking interest in the show. Actors are also visiting the show.


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