Armeena Khan And Fesl Make Surprise Announcement of Their Marriage

The long awaited news is finally here!

Armeena And Fesl

The 32-year-old Pakistani-Canadian actress and model, Armeena Khan, has surprised us with her sudden life-changing news. We had no idea about her fiance, her engagement plans, and now her wedding. The tiny bursts of surprises have kept us all on our toes; So we got a perfect Valentine’s surprise from the star of Sherdil. Armeena and Fesl have tied the knot!

Here’s how it all started; In an Instagram post, the star revealed who her fiance is, back in 2017.


Armeena Khan Is Getting Married!

That was our first surprise, the next came in when we saw her in a beautiful white gown. The picture was posted in August of 2019 and had everyone wondering what her wedding date is…


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The couple took to Instagram to give us our 2020 Valentine’s surprise. In a post, the two revealed that they are done with their Nikkah and are planning a reception party.

Here’s what Fesl Posted;

Ladies & Gentlemen, presenting my wife Mrs Khan.
Armeena, I’ll give you my friends and take from you your enemies.

Soon after the British Bae’s post, his wife followed and said:

Presenting my husband @feslkhan that’s it guys, we are official. We will have a wedding party at a later stage.

Armeena Khan and Fesl seem to be really happy with each other and we wish them nothing but the best. Have anything to add? Let us know!


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