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Arnab Goswami Becomes The Perfect TikTok Joke After Chinese App Ban

That’s one way for India to ‘avenge’ her defeat.

Arnab Goswami and tiktok

The clash between Indian and Chinese military troops earlier this month was the worst encounter between the two countries in almost 50 years. 20 Indian soldiers lost their lives and an unknown amount of casualties were reported on the other side of the border. However, India decided to attack China where it hurts the most, by banning TikTok and other mobile phone apps.

What’s even more bizarre is the way it was reported by Indian journalist Arnab Goswami. Yes, the same guy who is known for his extreme outbursts towards guests on his TV show.

Let’s take a look at what Arnab has to say about India blocking almost 60 Chinese mobile applications:


People couldn’t help but notice the hysterical tone that Arnab used to report that India has banned TikTok – an app that teenagers use to keep themselves entertained.

Let’s take a look at some of the reactions:











People are wondering if India realizes it can’t fight back for the lives it lost by blocking apps owned by Chinese firms. Among the apps that were banned are also WeChat, UC Browser, Shareit, and Baidu Map.


While analysts have reported that almost a third of Chinese app users come from India, Arnab Goswami decided to report it like it was a checkmate.

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Written by Yusra Rafiq


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