Ayesha Omar Decides to Leave Pakistan Forever

Because of security and some personal reasons.

As news ripples through the entertainment industry, the unexpected decision of Ayesha Omar to leave Pakistan has left fans and followers in shock. The accomplished actress, model, and singer, known for her versatile talents, has been a prominent figure in the country’s showbiz scene.

However, her recent citation of concerns about her safety and security in Pakistan and some personal issues, the Bulbulay famed actress expressed her intentions to move abroad. This announcement to bid farewell to Pakistan has sparked a wave of speculation.

In a recent guest appearance on the FHM podcast, the Habs revealed several reasons behind her decision. The 42-year-old actress also compared the security and safety of women in two of the biggest cities in Pakistan – Karachi and Lahore. Despite being an acclaimed star with millions of fans, Omar revealed that she feels unsafe in Karachi and claimed that Lahore is much safer.

I have faced two robbery attempts in Karachi and it isn’t safe for women to walk alone there either, but Lahore is much safer than that.

While discussing her contemplation of leaving Pakistan, Omar defended her stance, attributing her comments to experiences during college life and using public transport. The actress highlighted harassment as one of the factors that may lead her to leave Pakistan, despite it being her “favorite country” and expressing a particular fondness for Hunza.

However, beyond security concerns, Ayesha Omar’s decision is deeply rooted in her personal life. She emphasized her readiness to take the next step and settle down, stating, “I am ready for marriage and to be a mother now,” a surprising revelation given her previous admission of being “afraid of becoming a mother earlier.” She explained that her hesitation was rooted in not having had a positive childhood and her initial desire to adopt a child after marriage. Now, however, she expressed a desire to marry and become a mother.

Omar shared insights into her family dynamics, revealing that her mother had always hoped she would marry someone of Turkish or European descent rather than a Pakistani. Reflecting on her mother’s life as a single person who faced numerous challenges after her father’s death when her mother was only 30 years old, Omar explained that her mother discouraged her from working in Pakistan. Despite her mother’s reservations, Omar insisted on pursuing her career in Pakistan.

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