Ayesha Omar Talks About The Struggles She Faced in Life [Video]

Life is a struggle.

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Ayesha Omar is a pretty big name in the showbiz industry. With roles like Khoobsurat in the hit sitcoms like Bulbulay, the talented actress has become a household name.

Recently, Ayesha was invited as a guest in Reema Khan’s Ramadan transmission Baran-e-Rehmat. She gave us an insight into her life as she grew up.


The actress talked about her personal life, her father’s demise, and also how her mother struggled for her children and the kind of circumstances she faced during her childhood.


The Bulbulay star shared that her father died when she was only two years old, and how her family business dissolved after his death since her father was the chairman.

Due to financial difficulties, her mother started teaching in a high profile school, and Ayesha and her brother got admission in that school too on merit scholarships because they couldn’t afford the fees.




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Even after getting into the school, other expenses like school books etc. were not affordable for them. In order to make ends meet, Ayesha’s mother bought a school van on installments and started giving pick and drop services for school kids.

Ayesha says that she knew right then that she had to become independent like her mother. As a child, the actress used to do all her chores herself.


Ayesha also shared how she rarely got new clothes as a kid. She used to wear clothes from her cousins. Of course, she never had access to beautiful clothes like she does now.

Ayesha revealed that it was particularly hard when her school friends belonged to rich families. A part of her also used to wish that she could get to this same point. And now, when she has all those things in her life she longed for, it feels unbelievable.

You can check out Ayesha Omar’s full interview here:



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