Azfar Ali Opens Up About His Divorce with Salma Hassan for the First Time [Video]

Here’s what he had to say.

Television host and actor Azfar Ali and Salma Hassan were considered as one of the most beautiful couples in Pakistani showbiz. They have an adorable daughter named Fatima. However, after nine years of their happy marriage, they parted ways.



The news of their divorce started another controversy as people blamed Naveen Waqar for ruining their marriage. After a short hiatus, Azfar and Naveen tied the knot, however, it didn’t work out and they took a divorce.



Azfar Ali Opens Up About His Divorce

Since then, Azfar Ali has been away from mainstream media and he never really talked about his married life on camera.

But in his latest interview with RAVA Entertainment, he opened up about his two divorces and how he managed to deal with depression. Host Muhammad Ehsan recalled his memory of the time when media outlets would add fuel to the fire and make their personal matter an open debate for the public. When asked if he would like to say anything about it now, Azfar Ali said,

“It was at that time that I realized so many people love me. Because before that, I thought I was just a lost person and people don’t even pay attention to me.”




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Talking about his divorce with Salma Hassan, he said,

“I never mentally divorced Salma, it was just on paper. Neither I have ended my friendship with her, nor she has stopped talking to me. Even I’m still very close to my daughter. It’s not that now that I have married another woman, I will forget her. She is still my daughter and we meet everyday and have fun together.”


Fatima is all grown up now.


His first divorce, second marriage and another divorce in such a short span of time took a toll on his mental health. During that time, he mentioned that he was not approached for work as people thought he was ‘mentally ill’.

However, he did manage to make ends meet and was able to come out of that phase just fine. The reason why he is back in media, is because of his daughter Fatima who was a huge support during that time.

Azfar shared that him and Fatima are the best of friends and they talk about anything and everything. The father daughter relationship is very strong and he is happy to be a good father to Fatima.

You can watch the interview here:




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