Babar Azam’s Alleged Girlfriend Makes Another Strong Statement About Him

The cricketer can breathe a sigh of relief finally…

Pakistani cricketer Babar Azam’s alleged girlfriend withdrawn her allegations of sexual harassment. The news comes as a shock since the woman made scandalous claims against the cricketer. Here’s what happened.

A Scandalous Affair

In late December, a woman by the name of Hamiza Mukhtar accused Babar Azam of harassment. This woman claimed to be the cricketer’s girlfriend. The Karachi Kings batsman was facing charges of sexual exploitation after Hamiza filed the complaint.


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Shocking Allegations

She took to social media to share her story of this illicit relationship with Babar. Hamiza went as far as to state that she was given false promises of marriage and had to undergo an abortion. The scandal spread like wildfire as people on social media demanded action against Babar Azam. The cricketer found himself in hot waters after an additional Lahore session court took the case. The court ordered the police to file a case against the young batsman. Check it out.

According to Hamiza, the Pakistani cricketer was financially dependent on her before his cricket career took off. That’s not all! The woman even went as far as to swear on the Holy Quran to prove herself. However, in a surprising twist of fate, Hamiza has decided to withdraw all her allegations. In a recent video on social media, Hamiza Mukhtar took a ‘complete 180’ turn as she took back every allegation she had against Babar Azam. Check it out:

Who To Believe?

The Pakistani captain can breathe a sigh of relief as Hamiza Mukhtar has retracted all her allegations. This shocking news does raise some questions as to why this woman decided to smear the image of the Pakistani cricketer. Also, Hamiza Mukhtar’s actions has damaged the credibility of the women’s ‘Me Too’ movement.

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Written by Sher Alam


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