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Bilal Maqsood Sings a Famous Junaid Jamshed Song [Video]

The Strings front-man covers ‘Sanwali Saloni.’

bilal maqsood

It has been almost four years since we all tragically lost Junaid Jamshed in a fatal plane crash. The man was a renowned public figure not only in Pakistan but all around the world as well due to his incredible voice and personality. People still remember him fondly and Pakistan mourns the loss of one of its most talented artists.

Recently, Bilal Maqsood of the popular band Strings paid tribute to the late legend. The rock star decided to share his very own rendition of ‘Sanwali Saloni’, a classic from Junaid Jamshed’s early days in the iconic band Vital Signs.

Bilal took to his social media account on Instagram to share his tribute with the caption,

“‘Sanwali Saloni’ Strong memories of Junaid the way I remember him. Can’t imagine how our lives would have been without his music.”

Check out the video:

We can only imagine that Junaid Jamshed would be proud of this touching tribute.

Bilal Maqsood’s band Strings is one of the biggest names in not only the Pakistani music industry but also around the world. The band has produced several amazing music videos and delivered memorable performances on four seasons of the hit show Coke Studio.

Ever since the lock-down due to the deadly coronavirus or COVID-19, Bilal has been keeping the spirits of his fans and followers high as he entertains them fun posts on Instagram.

From impromptu performances, musical mash-ups and pop quizzes to washing dishes, showing off his art skills; Bilal also shared a video message from his father, satirist Anwar Maqsood, about social distancing.

We hope Bilal continues to share more fun and entertaining videos to keep our minds off the COVID-19 pandemic. For more news, stay posted.

Written by Sher Alam


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