‘Body Positivity Icon’ Lizzo in Trouble for Fat-Shaming Her Dancers

Three former dancers have filed a lawsuit against her for sexual harassment, discrimination, and creating a hostile envirnoment.

Grammy-winning singer and body positivity icon, Lizzo is facing allegations of sexual harassment and fat-shaming by three of her former dancers.

Melissa Viviane Jefferson, aka Lizzo who is known for her body positivity activism and her empowering music, has found herself embroiled in a scandal that challenges her image.

A lawsuit has been filed against the singer by a Los Angeles court for sexual harassment, discrimination, and creating a hostile work environment.  Among the dancers taking legal action is Arianna Davis, who accuses Lizzo of making fat-shaming comments about her weight before ultimately firing her.

The dancers are denouncing what they describe as an “over-sexualized” work environment, claiming that one of them was pressured into engaging in inappropriate behavior during a performance at a club in Amsterdam’s red-light district. Allegedly, the dancer was coerced into touching the nude breasts of another dancer.

The lawsuit also alleges that racial discrimination was rampant within the management of Lizzo’s production company, Big Grrrl Big Touring, Inc.

In response to these allegations, Ron Zambrano, the lawyer representing Lizzo’s former dancers, stated that they have received additional claims from at least six other individuals who toured or worked with Lizzo.

These claims focus on the alleged existence of a “sexually charged environment” and non-payment of employees. While these new claims are currently under review, it’s too early to determine their validity.

Although Lizzo has not yet responded to these latest allegations, she issued a statement on Instagram denying the claims made in the lawsuit. She expressed her disappointment with the situation, stating, “My work ethic, morals, and respectfulness have been questioned. My character has been criticized.”

Lizzo claims she was the one who told former dancers that their behavior was inappropriate and unprofessional, as Lizzo vehemently denied the accusations.

She asserted her commitment to treating everyone, especially women, with respect and stated that she does not tolerate criticism based on appearance or weight. Lizzo also defended her artistic expression and refused to be portrayed as something she is not.

Crystal Williams, another former dancer, spoke out in an interview, criticizing Lizzo’s response to the allegations. According to Williams, Lizzo’s Instagram statement did not address the accusations, and she emphasized that those who speak up often face victim-blaming and gaslighting.

The Grammy-winning artist’s statement has elicited mixed reactions from her followers. Notably, several celebrities, including Lil Nas X, Jamie Lynn Spears, Kelly Osbourne, and Jennifer Garner, have shown their support by “liking” her Instagram post.

Despite the controversy, Lizzo’s legal battle continues to unfold, and her image as a body positivity icon hangs in the balance.

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