Bollywood Stars Slam Indian Media for ‘Sensationalizing’ Funeral Coverage


Bollywood divas Anushka Sharma, Kriti Sanon and Zareen Khan have spoken up against the Indian media, paparazzi after a few videos of Sidharth Shukla’s rumored girlfriend, Shehnaz Gill surfaced on social media in which cameramen are seen pushing her and firing questions at her at Sidhart’s funeral. Many celebrities have lamented this brutal treatment and called it ‘heartless’ and ‘insensitive’ on the media’s part.

Sidharth Shukla passed away on September 2 after suffering a fatal cardiac arrest. Although Sidharth and Shehnaaz never officially announced themselves as a couple, they always remained very emotionally close to each other. They also appeared on Dance Deewane 3, after which the public started shipping them as ‘Sidnaz’.


His death came as a shock to not just his family and friends, but fans and the entire showbiz industry mourned over the loss. However, the media overly sensationalized his death and funeral.

When photos and videos of Shehnaz Gill appeared on social media, many Bollywood celebrities called Indian media ‘insensitive’ on the funeral coverage. Reacting to the video, Zareen Khan wrote,

“My heart goes out to Shehnaaz, the poor girl looks completely broken. And at such a sensitive time, the media should show a little empathy towards her rather than behaving like heartless robots. I saw videos were she`s crying uncontrollably but the media is just pushing her and shoving cameras and mikes on her face for a byte for their benefit. The whole scenario is compelling and heartbreaking! When did humans turn so heartless?””

Kriti Sanon also took to her social media to call out this misbehavior.

“Breaks my heart to see our media, photographers and even online portals being so insensitive. Shameful! This isn’t “News”, nor is it “Entertainment”! Draw some boundaries! Have a conscience! Said it before, Saying it again! Stop covering funerals!”



She further criticized the media for ‘hounding people’ with cameras at their most vulnerable moment.

Popular stand-up comedian and YouTuber Zakir Khan also wrote an emotional poem, highlighting the issue. Anushka Sharma later shared his poem to her Instagram Story.




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