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Cake Director Reveals His New Web Series “Churails”

The series promises to take on misogyny.


Asim Abbasi’s rise to fame has been a direct result of his directorial debut, “Cake”, which earned him the award for “Best Film” at the Lux Style Awards. Abbasi’s direction has gained him a great deal of praise and appreciation from critics and viewers alike, and he has been called one of the finest filmmakers of this generation. Asim has recently announced the release of his newest project, titled Churails or “witches”.

The project is a web series, and Abbasi has already shared the preliminary artwork for the project on his Twitter, captioned:

Hojayein tayaar, khwateen aur hazraat. Especially hazraat. Jald aarahi hain kuch rangeen churailein, aapki deep-rooted misogyny ki band bajaanay. (Get ready ladies and gentlemen, especially gentlemen. Its coming, these color witches, who will take care of your deep-rooted misogyny!).”


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About Churails

The artwork shows four women clad in burkas of diverse styles, standing with a variety of weapons in hand; from a clothing iron, boxing gloves, and an ambiguous container with the letter “J” on it. Speaking of his characters, Abbasi posted on Facebook earlier, saying: “every female character in this series will kick some serious douchebag ass and be shamelessly unapologetic. Just like the good lord intended”.

Elaborating on the storyline for Churails, Abbasi said that it would be addressing the prevalent misogyny and patriarchy in our society. “I don’t know if the blood, sweat and tears will show on screen” Abbasi added. “Or if the end result will be what we had hoped it would be or if our audiences are even ready for this narrative”.

The project has definitely caught our eye, with the title itself being a significant statement on how strong, outspoken women are labeled churails or witches in our society. We’re excited to see how Abbasi addresses the age-old standards and stigma surrounding female presence in the society, and whether these characters provide young girls with more empowering, healthy role models they can look up to.

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