Canadian Vlogger Rosie Gabrielle Marries Pakistani Man

Previously Gabrielle had announced her conversion to Islam and her spiritual journey to becoming a Muslim

After finding her way to Islam via her journey through Pakistan, Canadian travel vlogger Rosie Gabrielle has also found love. The Canadian travel vlogger took to Instagram to share the big news.

Never would I thought that I would come to Pakistan and fall in LOVE. Not only with a country and it’s people, but one very special individual in particular.”

Previously Rosie Gabrielle had announced her conversion to Islam and her spiritual journey to becoming a Muslima. She shared how Pakistan played a part in that journey for her.


Rosie Gabrielle Converts to Islam & Pakistan Played a Part In It

At the time, plenty of proposals had poured in for the YouTuber, which were brushed aside by her, and trolled by fans. However, looks like she found love in Pakistan after all. She tied the knot to Pakistan travel influencer Adeel Ameer.

That’s certainly a match made in heaven!

“Not only did I find my soul partner, I found my best friend. The one who I will cherish and continue to love more deeply everyday. Someone whom I can share every detail of my life with without guilt or judgment, who challenges me, who continuously pushes me to be a better person. The one who loves me unconditionally and has patience and compassionate grace for my journey. The man who lights up my life and inspires me every single day with his love and actions. Someone who compliments me perfectly.”

We’re still waiting on the deets of their love story though? How many of you want to know the full story of how they met and fell in love?

Congratulations to the perfect couple!


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