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Rosie Gabrielle Wants Media To Stop Harassing Her, Quits Social Media

Who’s to blame?

Rosie Gabrielle

Travel vlogger Rosie Gabrielle admires her fans for all the love and support following the announcement of her conversion to Islam. She also has a clear message for media outlets hounding her about the ‘hot topic’.

Following the Canadian biker’s announcement that she has converted to Islam, everyone swarmed to congratulate the social media influencer. While she loved all the positive feedback she’s irked by media outlets hounding her.

“News channels have been non stop calling me – hounding me. Not even caring I’m sick, only wanting to drain my energy for entertainment value.”


Rosie Gabrielle Converts to Islam & Pakistan Played a Part In It

Rosie Gabrielle
Rosie Gabrielle announces a break from social media


Interestingly her message seems directed at one media outlet in particular as Rosie Gabrielle announces a break from social media. Does that mean the mentioned media outlet contributed the most to the Canadian biker’s upsetting exit?

Another issue (which shouldn’t be one) is that of compensation for a  social media influencer’s time. We all realize that’s what social media influencers do right? Their job is to make appearances and endorsements for compensation.

So without compensation, of course, they’re a no show.

“If you wish for me to take my time to provide you interview material for magazine/online/TV, at least be kind to offer compensation for my energy and time.”

Not Just Media Outlets

The reason behind the biker girl logging off might not be pestering media outlets alone. Rosie Gabrielle lists how she’s also bombarded with marriage proposals following the announcement of her conversion.

“100s of marriage proposals that is quite disturbing,”


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Then, of course, there were the heaps of unsolicited advice. Telling a Muslin convert how to be ‘good Muslim’ just paints out one’s ‘higher than thou‘ attitude.

Converts actually do their research and chose their own religion, rather than traditionally being born into a religion and sticking with it because ‘pro-social behavior‘. Most of the time these advice-giving folks can’t even differentiate between personal beliefs and religious values.

To then impose those personal beliefs as ‘religious values’ doesn’t just make you look bad but the religion you take the privilege of representing. So people, please do better and leave Rosie alone.



Written by Lens Staff


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  1. Trust the typical Pakistani male to be aroused by a fair skinned gori become Muslim and now seen ‘fit’ as marriage material. The damage has been done. Jitna mun kala karna tha wo kar lya. Don’t make her regret her decision to become a Muslim.

    • Agreed sir har banda dosray ka thekay daar ban jata ha jasay convert honay k bhad in ko right mil gaya ha uss say shadi ka afsos woh sakoon ke tlash main aai aur yeh moohn kholay bherey agay kharay han

  2. Why she doesn’t switch off her mobile for couple of days. I know that’s not the right solution but still she would be able to take rest and recover from her illness.

    • Kash k ham bhi Muslaman by choice hotay na k by birth tu hamain uski feelings ka ahsas hota or raha shadi walay proposals tu Shami bhai ka web channel dekh lain kitnay iqbal k shaheen sirf abroad set honay k liyay gori mems sy shadi rachatay hain bina sochay k wo kis jazbaat or feelings ki base pr Pakistan aayi hain or muslamn hoi. Jo pehlay bachariyan ghar baythi hain unsay shadi karnay ko koi ready nahi bus yeh Canadian gori mem Musalman hogayi ab tu shadi pakki. No offense.

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