Civil War in Karanchi? Pakistanis Deliver Savage Replies to Indian Media’s Fake News

Please pray for Aamir Liaquat’s ‘aam’ which was also lost during the war.

civil war karanchi pakistani indian media fake news

Journalists and news outlets have a job to safeguard the public against misinformation. While many try to avoid getting into rumors, it seems that this most basic journalistic ethic is lost on the Indian media outlets, who were recently caught spinning a long yarn and making it ‘news’. Indian media says there is a civil war outbreak in ‘Karanchi.‘ And as usual, Pakistanis responded by turning their effort at fake news, into one big fat joke.

Here’s what happened. According to Indian media outlets and verified Twitter accounts:




Not that ‘fake news’ isn’t a common phenomenon, but to see it spread like wildfire on Indian social media was alarming for everyone. Netizens couldn’t hold back from sharing their opinions on the ‘news‘.

Here’s how Pakistani Twitterati reacted to the ‘Civil War in Karachi’.


What are they on?




If the civil war was real…











They passed away chanting the words ‘kesa diya?’





What about the hostages?


The horrifying tales from ‘Gulshan e Bagh’



Public Protests




The drastic unrest in Karanchi




Karachi IRL


We hope the civil war in Karanchi, especially in Gulshan e Bagh (which we really can’t locate on a map), ends soon.

As for Twitter, they really need to take care of accounts that spread fake news. But of course, since Twitter’s moderators from South Asian region are based in India, we will leave it to our readers to guess why those fake tweets are still up.

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Written by Yusra Rafiq


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