‘Dating Rumours’: Nauman Ijaz Took His Wife To Meet Atiqa Odho Before Their Marriage

The two veteran stars appeared in an interview together, talking about their life-long friendship

The legendary stars Nauman Ijaz and Atiqa Odho recently appeared in an interview with Fuchsia Magazine for their upcoming serial Kesi Teri Khudgarzi. During the interview, they shared about their work and personal lives and the strong bond that these two share together.

Naumaan Ijaz - Nauman Ijaz

Nauman Ijaz is a Pakistani television and film actor as well as a TV anchorperson and TV show presenter. He has played several roles and has been a senior actor on state Television PTV since 1988.

Atiqa Odho

Whereas, Atiqa Odho is a veteran actress. Aside from being a well-known actress and host, she is also the owner of a cosmetics brand Odho Cosmetics.


Recently the two acting powerhouses appeared together in an interview. Along with being amazing co-stars, they are really good friends in real life. During the fun chit-chat, the stars share how close they are with each other and that they know about their personal matters too. Talking about their strong bond the Parizaad star shared that he made Atiqa meet his wife before marriage because of alleged dating rumors. He shared,

“We did a romantic play together and played the role of husband and wife so it created that image in front of the public that we might be dating each other but people didn’t know how much we respected each other. People were just spreading negativity but I told my wife that nothing to worry about she’s just a great friend of mine.”

To further explain the Humsafar starlet said,

“I met Rabia and we spent time with each other. I’ve another level of friendship bond with Rabia. We have many advantages in our long-term friendship. We are never afraid that this person will exploit or take something in the wrong sense. So we got the liberty to work with each other easily.”

Talking about their personal life Nauman shared his feelings when he saw Atiqa Odho struggling in her life after divorce, he said,

“We are such close friends that I knew everything going on in her life and the reason behind it was already in my knowledge. I felt really bad when I saw her in that situation because she’s such a lovely human being but I knew that she’s a strong person herself”

When the host asked them about their on-screen time the Pyar Ke Sadkay starlet shared,

“We are friends for a long time, but we have not worked together much. Considering how popular we are on screen I don’t know why we were not cast together in more projects, it’s strange.”

The Sang-e-Marr Marr starlet further added,

“I think we have our own working principles which confuse some people and they do not feel easy to work with us. This could be one of the reasons or maybe they find us a bit too expensive to be cast together”.

Take a look at the full interview below.



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