Déjà Vu: Fans Compare Parizaad Scene To This One From Bollywood Film Fanaa

The superhit drama serial Parizaad finally came to its conclusion. Fans were glued to their TV screens since the first episode. Watching Parizaad’s (played to perfection by Ahmed Ali Akbar) journey throughout the series made even the most grownup men bawl out in tears.


One of the highlights of the show was the infectious chemistry and friendship between Parizaad and RJ Annie (played by the lovely Yumna Zaidi). Fans of the show want to see these two end up together. After the show pulled at our heartstrings a few times, we finally got the scene of RJ Annie recognizing Parizaad by his features.

While everyone was gushing over the final episode and this scene, one netizen had a déjà vu moment. They may be onto something as the RJ Annie-Parizaad scene felt similar to Bollywood film Fanaa‘s one particular scene featuring Kajol and Amir Khan. What do you think?

When the two scenes are put together side by side, the similarities become very clear.


However,fans are not having it! Fans of the Pakistani show took to the comment section to defend their beloved show, stating that the context and the moment is very different from Fanaa.

Fair point, it is not like Bollywood has always been THE place for original content.

What do you think about this particular scene fromParizaadandFanaa, are they similar? Let us know what your thoughts are in the comment section below.